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Meet Janet

    • Financial Services Recruiter
    • BComm (Human Resource Management)
    • Senior Recruiter & HR Consultant

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About Janet

Janet’s work in the Financial Services sector includes a range of roles across many of the sub industries in the Financial Services space.  As a Senior Recruiter and HR specialist, Janet has experience in a variety of Financial Services roles as well as the expertise to advise in HR support aspects for new employees.

Previously,  Janet also worked with a global corporate insurance company for more than eight years. This gives Janet the edge in understanding global business and the nuances of the Insurance industry.

CIRCLE Recruitment & HR has a long history with staffing and HR consulting in the Financial Services sector. Janet is well versed in regulatory requirements in this industry, and is familiar with the unique staffing challenges faced by these organisations.

Janet understands this is a highly competitive market and knows what is required to attract the best possible candidates. Talk to Janet today for all the assistance you need in Financial Services staffing.

About the Sector

CIRCLE Recruitment & HR caters to a wide range of organisations in the Financial Services Sector including banks, mortgage brokers, insurance companies, lenders and many more.
Our extensive industry experience means that we thoroughly understand the pain you have in keeping up with regulatory challenges, such as divergent regulations, compliance, governance and professional development, as well as increasing competition and the need to keep up with the latest technology.

You need high quality and well-versed candidates, alongside current and relevant advice. This is why we have a Senior Consultant who, for over 10 years here at CIRCLE Recruitment and HR, has supplied clients in the Financial Services sector with superior Recruitment and HR advisory services.

This means that you will be working with a highly skilled, qualified and professional recruiter who knows your industry and the responsibilities relating to the roles within your business.

We also have access to a number of industry specific skills tests, so you can be assured that we will provide you with strong candidates with the skills required to effectively fulfil the role.

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