CIRCLE Recruitment & HR - Business & Behavioural Essential Skills

Business & Behavioural Essential Skills

CIRCLE Recruitment & HR – Business & Behavioural Essential Skills

CIRCLE Recruitment & HR believes that teaching and building on fundamental business and motivational skills is an effective way to maintain employee motivation and increase the productivity of your workforce. Nurturing your employee’s skills and knowledge is key in achieving business goals and maintaining an efficient workforce.

The following training sessions are available:

  • AP011 – Building Resilience
    We believe the ability to manage and cope with stressful environments and situations stems from a mentally strong workforce. The key to maintain this mentally strong workforce is providing employees with the skills and knowledge to adopt a more resilient and tough mindset. This allows then to overcome stressful situations and increase their ability to cope with challenges while simultaneously improving productivity. By taking a psychological approach, this session provides employees with the skills and knowledge needed to respond to pressures that may lead to stress. Through learning these skills to cope better with stress, further benefits for your business will include better workplace communication, increased productivity, job satisfaction and employee confidence as well as reducing absenteeism and employee fatigue. By working alongside degree-qualified counsellors or registered psychologists, this program has been carefully constructed by professionals with vast experience in training. Participants will learn about the benefits and characteristics of resilience, analyse practical management models of internal and external reactions, discover theories behind energy allocation and will be taught key exercises for reducing stress. The flexibility of this seminar also means it can be delivered in-house at your convenience.
  • AP012 – Challenging Customer Behaviour
    This session is a must in understanding and managing difficult customer behaviours and effectively dealing with and responding to challenging situations. Some businesses may find themselves regularly managing emotionally-charged customers and as a result must have a solid understanding of why this behaviour may occur and how to de-escalate and manage the behaviour, while maintaining their safety. This program will provide employees with the ability to discover the common causes of such behaviour, teach them how to respond and de-escalate interactions as well as how to respond to mental health concerns, while maintaining their own safety and well-being. Participants will leave this workshop with the ability to recognise how behaviour may be related to underlying mental health issues and an awareness of physiological and psychological responses to stress. Learning from degree-qualified and experienced mental health professionals, employees will gain the skills and knowledge to stay calm, the ability to understand assertive communication and learn tips to de-escalate interactions. The flexibility of this seminar also means it can be delivered in-house at your convenience
  • CR013 – Communication Skills
    This training is essential in ensuring understanding of the communication process in pursuit of a number of workplace benefits, including a more pleasant and cooperative workplace. This session will reveal different learning styles, gender speech patterns, principles of good communication, how to become an effective influencer, rapport building, communication in meetings & conflict resolution. Effective communication in a workplace can result in better workplace relationships with both internal and external stakeholders, improved teamwork and less conflict.
  • AP016 – Time Management
    This workshop draws on modern research in coaching psychology in order to better inform participants on how to most effectively utilise their time both during and outside of work, with a focus on enhancing workplace productivity and well-being. Beginning with a validation of modern workplace pressures, this unit provides employees with the evidence-based skills to not only understand the value of time management, but also learn prioritisation skills, strategies for setting effective goals and overcoming common barriers that may affect their ability to manage competing priorities and deadlines. By exploring common management theories and strategies including ‘time budget’ and SMART goals, participants will leave this workshop with skills for clarifying personal values and setting goals as well as the ability to effectively prioritise tasks and maintain motivation. By employing a workforce with a realistic mindset about their use of time, the workplace will experience improved productivity and reduced stress, frustration and burnout.
  • CR005 – Organisational Skills
    This workshop assists workers to be better organised in their work life, so as to achieve more from every day. A key concept of this unit is finding focus and taking control. With emphasis on taking control of your time, and understanding the concepts of importance and urgency, including how they interact, we explore many different issues that workers face including perfectionism; what is it and how you can overcome it. Similarly with procrastination, we look at recognizing the symptoms and devising strategies to disable its effects. Discussing a number of common time wasters, we will review personal organisation and go through what should be in any organised person’s tool kit!

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