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Meet Kathryn

  • Kathryn MacMillan, CEO,  MHRM&IR, MRCSA CAHRI
  • Manager: Arts, Media & Marketing Recruitment & HR team
  • Specialist HR Consultant
  • Accredited Professional Recruiter, Project Management & Engineering Sector

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About Kathryn

While not a digital native, Kathryn MacMillan, Founder of CIRCLE Recruitment & HR, is one of those unique individuals who can grasp change quickly and not only embrace, but contribute to ongoing change in the digital space.

She has sound knowledge of the Arts, Media & Marketing sector over her many years working with her clients in this industry.

Combining her extensive knowledge with our database of creators and innovators and her own substantial industry contacts, Kathryn and her team,  find people that others can’t!

In leading the Arts, Media & Marketing team, Kathryn specialises in marketing, communications, digital, design, advertising, strategy, and content roles. She works with a wide variety of clients from the smallest digital agency to large media companies.

With the team, Kathryn assists clients with the impact of digitalisation on marketing and staffing, and brings to the table amazing ideas and sound sourcing practices.

Ranked first at Sydney University 2017, in Management Consulting, Kathryn is able to bring not only her vast experience in the Arts, Media and Marketing Sector but her knowledge of management consulting, so valuable in recruiting for many agencies and marketing consultancies.

About the Sector

CIRCLE Recruitment & HR’s Arts, Media and Marketing sector, caters to a wide range of organisations, dealing with brands and products, and specialising in areas of marketing, management, digital, design, communication, and social media.

We understand that this sector is experiencing unprecedented levels of change as a result of globalisation, increasing competition and the impact of digitalisation.

This is why we have an expert positioned in this sector, who is familiar with these challenges and able to provide you with a holistic, modern service. This is supported by our substantial industry contacts within an array of networking bodies, meaning that we are informed on current trends and intimately understand the challenges faced by your business.

We especially understand that each role is very different in this sector, and you need someone who is an expert in their field, and are well-versed in the digital space to keep up with the rise of technology.

You can rest assured that with CIRCLE Recruitment & HR’s comprehensive database of creators and innovators, alongside our specifically designed skill assessments that examine the core competencies required within your industry, that you will get the best candidates in the market.

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