CIRCLE Recruitment & HR - Leadership & Management Training Suite

Leadership & Management Suite

CIRCLE Recruitment & HR – Leadership & Management Training Suite

The CIRCLE Recruitment & HR Leadership & Management Training Suite forms the cornerstone of our Corporate Training. Both pre and post-consultation is available to ensure the training is bespoke addressing corporate issues specifically if required.


CIRCLE Recruitment & HR supplies both the materials and trainer and has the academic qualifications, experience and presentation skills to deliver high-quality training, which will assist supervisors and managers to be more effective, utilise smarter management tactics, increasing morale and engagement both within themselves and their teams.

The following training sessions are available and best run as a suite, with 2 weeks between each session:

  • CR001 – There is ‘Manage’ in Management
    This presentation explores the basics of management including relationships forming part of your success and an understanding of what your role actually involves as a manager. You will explore your relationship to HR, your position as a culture holder and intended versus actual practices. We will look at concepts that will assist you in your management role including positional and personal power and communication skills, as well as exploring the science of getting what you ask for and exercising effective influencing. After this presentation, you will have a comprehensive understanding of how to manage your own personal biases and distorting effects in order to identify areas where your skills fail you, and effectively recognise areas for improving. This training looks at how your role has changed, providing you with practical ideas for structuring your day. Suitable for new managers or those who need to reflect on their role and how effective they are as managers, this presentation is guaranteed to give you skills you can take away and put into practice in your business unit.
  • CR002 – Be a Better Manager
    Building on the previous training session, this session commences with a quick recap of the previous session to remind participants of previous learnings. This can be deleted if the first session was not included in your suite of training, but best practise is to have Managers and Supervisors complete all three sessions. In this session, we explore more deeply how management is not just simply about controlling the labour process, it is also about enlisting worker’s knowledge, creativity and discretionary efforts. We explore how Managers hold employees accountable and look at steps to increase your management skills. We delve into concepts including parenting; understanding strengths and weaknesses; delegation and handing over authority. We look more closely at communication styles including all sense listening and the use of clarifying questions. Participants will leave the session with practical tools they can implement immediately and empirically researched strategies including dramaturgical approach and steps to gain and retain rapport with not only team members, but superiors and clients.
  • CR003 – Understanding People
    The third and final session in our three-part Management Training Suite focuses on understanding people. As well as understanding people, we explain the concept of Human Capital and its importance in the workplace. This leads to a conceptual understanding of achieving a Return on Investment from your team and how you can maximise this. We look at ways of retaining staff members as well areas that can negate this – often miscommunication. Exploring why miscommunications happens, using DISC profiling as an easy and effective personality tool. Explaining what DISC refers to, participants may undertake an easy DISC indicator in the session, or a complete DISC profile, run prior to the session, which leads the discussion on what personality styles, we all are. Once we understand our own style, participants can start to understand alternative personality styles and further understand how DISC profiling can build a stronger team and enable managers to elicit the best from each team member. Expanding this knowledge, we investigate how mangers can modify their own behaviour; referring back to the dramaturgical approach of session two. This session closes with a discussion around Gender Speech Patterns, how they vary in different situations and how this knowledge can assist you. Having the ability to identify other’s personality types and communication styles, gives a Manager a strong advantage to effectively manage a high performing team. Participants leave this session, like every CIRCLE Recruitment & HR session, with practical tools they can use in the workplace and a strong understanding, that if you are communicating with everyone in the same way, you could be losing up to 75% of your opportunities.

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