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Kick Start Your Career… Again! (Hard Copy)


“Kick Start Your Career … Again! is a great resource for people looking for work but particularly for anyone who has been absent from the workforce for sometime. The book addresses the complex issues people face when attempting to return to the workforce after they have been away from work for a period of time.

The author, Kathryn MacMillan has personal experience to back up her professional knowledge. Having run a small business for 18 years, she married, had a baby, but then contracted an auto-immune disease (Lupus) and was forced to sell her business. The concept of returning to the workforce became an extremely daunting prospect. However, Kathryn managed to overcome these barriers and kick started her career again! She is now using her experiences and professional knowledge to assist other people to overcome the same barriers, during these difficult economic times.

The book has been written in an easy to read format, to cater for people from all walks of life. Kick Start Your Career … Again! is published in a small and portable format so the book can be easily carried and read, even on the way to interviews.



Title: Kick Start Your Career … Again!
Format: Paperback
Subject: Resource for job seekers needing to re-enter the workforce after a prolonged break.
Author: Kathryn MacMillan
Publisher: Nine2Three Employment Solutions Pty Ltd
ABN: 73 106 765 815
ISBN: 978-0-646-51001-9
Publication Date: 05/2009
Number of Pages: 120
Height by Width: 210 x 148
Illustrations: Nil


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