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Meet Kathryn

Kathryn MacMillan  CEO, MHRM&IR, MRCSA CAHRI

Manager: CIRCLE Temp Desk

Specialist HR Consultant

Accredited Professional Recruiter

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About Kathryn

Kathryn MacMillan is the founder and Managing Director of CIRCLE Recruitment & HR and oversees the Temp Desk Service. As an Accredited Recruitment Professional with the Recruitment Consulting Services Association (MRCSA), she has a wealth of experience to bring to sourcing your temp staff.

Experienced in sourcing, recruiting and managing temp staff including all roles across all industries,  Kathryn and her team, understand what is required to make a good temporary employee.

Overseen by Kathryn with her strong attention to detail, you can be assured that we will find the best match available for your organisation, whether it be for one day, or one week, or many months!  Our white collar temps all take part in our Research Based Recruitment Process, which means they are fully assessed before they work in your organisation. In the past Kathryn has fully staffed entire outsourced and in-house departments in both HR and Accounts.

About the Sector

We recognise the pain that many organisations face in having to adjust to fluctuations, save costs, increase adaptability and reduce employment liability. This is where temporary staff can be an excellent solution as it gives your business a flexible workforce and with no employment liabilities to worry about; you can concentrate on your business and leave the staffing to us.

Here at CIRCLE Recruitment & HR, we have over 15,000 candidates registered in our database, allowing us to supply you temp staff as quickly as possible from our huge pool of candidates. We not only supply you with a choice of candidates, but we make sure that these candidates have been personally interviewed, skills tested, and reference checked, meaning that the candidates we send you are of excellent quality and can hit the ground running.

We are one of the most experienced temp placement agencies in Sydney, assisting businesses looking to hire temporary staff. We can supply anything from bookkeeping temps to medical receptionist temps and all other administration temporary staff your business may require. As a specialist Office Temp Agency, we will help you hire temp staff that will fit seamlessly into your business.

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