CIRCLE Recruitment & HR - CPR, First Aid & WHS Training

CPR, First Aid & WHS

CIRCLE Recruitment & HR – CPR & First Aid Training

First Aid and CPR courses provide the fundamental skills needed to help the most ordinary of people save others in the most extraordinary of situations.


In conjunction with our partner, CIRCLE Recruitment & HR offers a variety of different accredited course types to meet the needs of our clients. Whether you are needing to learn the skills for the first time, refresh your knowledge, or need more specialised first aid skills, we will have a course to suit you.

The following training sessions are available:

  • EX017 – Cardiopulmonary Rescue – CPR (HTLAID001)
    This is perfect for clients whose industry only requires basic CPR training, or for those who need to refresh their skills to keep their certificate in date (every 1 year).


  • EX018 – Provide First Aid (HTLAID003)
    For the most well-rounded basic first aid training, this course is perfect and will be the industry requirement for most workplaces. This can be done as either a full course, or a refresher course for those who are needing to update their certificate (every 3 years).


  • EX019 – Childcare First Aid (HTLAID004)
    Perfect for those working with children and needing to comply with the industry requirements.


Other courses include Advanced First Aid and Remote First Aid which may be suitable for those who work in more demanding or unique fields. These can be scheduled on request.

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