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How to stretch your recruitment dollars further

Recruitment is an expensive business, whether you are employing a recruiter or you are doing it yourself. Time is money and recruitment is an activity that takes a lot of your time. Firstly there is writing a job spec, then an advert; deciding where to advertise, and then dealing with the applicants. If you are […]

5 things to attract the best and brightest talent.

It’s hard to find good staff members at the best of times, let alone when there are skill shortages, low unemployment and lots of competition for candidates looking for new roles. Why would they work for you? How can you attract the best and brightest talent? Here are 5 surefire ways! Good candidates know their […]

Using AI Tools at Work

Following on from my previous blogs on AI, I can categorically say that AI Tools not only are already in the workplace, they will become essential. This space is moving quickly and it really won’t be long before everyone will use some kind of AI tool, app or in-house generator tool routinely at work. In […]

Top things big recruitment companies don’t want you to know

Tired of dealing with recruitment companies? Still need help but not getting the service levels you require? Our industry has some brilliant, ethical, smart operators that really know what they are doing, but sadly also many churn and burn recruiters, who unbelievably still just aim to get ‘bums on seats’. So here it is; the […]

Finding it hard to get good staff? What’s your EVP like?

Recently I called a new client who had been unsuccessful recruiting on their own, to delve a little deeper into their recruitment problems. The role that they were looking to fill was not anything out of the ordinary, but their industry does have issues with skill shortages. I wanted to ask the client ‘what are […]


Working from home is now a common feature within the Australian business environment. Many businesses are now offering a blend of WFH and in-office work, which means you, must be prepared within both work environments. The 2022-2023 income rate methods have changed to adapt to these new working methods so it is important that you […]

The truth about job seeking that no one tells you…..

Every one of us who has applied for jobs online has had the strange experience of being in a no man’s land. We had no idea about the job application black hole until we experienced it for ourselves. Applications go out into the ether, but no responses come back. We have unanswered questions – Did […]

How a super star employee can lift productivity and engage the rest of your team!

Did you know that one super star employee can have a huge effect on raising the standard of work in your organisation?   If your team is a little lacklustre in their performance and you introduce a real go-getter, it can have the effect of positively increasing the morale and productivity of the whole team. […]

What skills does a recruiter have?

Anyone can recruit right? Anyone can whack a job advert on Seek correct? Yes and no. Yes, anyone can place an advert and interview candidates but no, not anyone can perform a skilled and scientifically based program to get you the best person possible for the job. Apparently CV fraud is on the rise. False […]

What is gamification and how does it engage my team?

HR and people management gurus love new catch phrases and use ideas to capture interest and make us feel that this is the very latest and greatest way to manage your team. ‘Gamification’ is one such word and idea. If you are not engaging with ‘Gamification’ you are way behind the eight ball right? Well […]

Why Trust is so Important

Trust is something that people don’t often think about in terms of work relationships, but it is super important. You see when an employee is offered a job, there is more than one contract that is bought into play. While we all sign employment contracts that advise about the terms of the workplace and the […]

When you decide to work with a Recruiter, what protections do you have?

The recruitment industry historically has not had a good name. When you decide to use a recruiter, how can you be sure you are getting a qualified, responsible, ethical and cost effective service? Don’t be caught out – know who you are dealing with. The Recruitment Consulting Services Association (RCSA) is the recognised industry body […]

Enhanced Recruitment Practises

Organisations have a range of technologies available to them, to assist with workforce recruitment. Many experts believe Recruitment is the most important of all Human Resource operations and is the corner stone for business survival. Technologies available to firms today, to assist them with attraction and recruitment, include using professional recruitment firms, pursuing passive candidates, increasing employment […]

New Hybrid Work Style; Employer Concerns

Covid-19 transformed the workplace as we know it and saw workplaces around the world go online. As the current economic environment is still highly volatile it has seen the hybrid work style rise in popularity, which involves some employees working in the office, others working remotely and some having a combination of both. This approach […]

How to Manage Mental Health Issues at Work

In our last blog, we talked about stressors and whether they could be classified as hindrance stressors OR challenge stressors.  In this article, we are going to look at what we can do as employers, when we feel that someone at work is suffering from mental health issues, which goes BEYOND challenge stressors. Workplace stressors […]

Tactics To Make My New Hires ‘Hit The Ground Running’

Onboarding is the process that organisations implement, to expedite socialisation (Klein 2015). Socialisation is the theory of facilitating integration of new workers more quickly into the business, through their observations and adoption of the behaviours of those around them. Standardising formal socialisation processes, (e.g formalised induction processes) assists in improving business outcomes and overcoming variance […]

Why socialise your workers? What’s the benefit?

Socialisation is based on social learning theory, stating that we learn new behaviours by observing and copying others, through behaviour modification. This theory explains how we view behaviours around us; modify them to suit our purposes and continue or cease the behaviour, based on the positive or negative feedback we receive. Workplace socialisation is highly […]

How to predict your next worker will be successful in your business?

Sally looked at the young candidate sitting nervously in front of her twisting her fingers in her lap. ‘I have bought all my references and I have a sample of my work in this folder if you would like to see it’ she said. Sally sighed inwardly, she was looking for just one thing and […]

Recruiting by Social Media – The Positives and Negatives

Many organisations use dedicated recruitment websites such as Seek, My Career, Indeed and even less conventional and generalist websites when looking for workers. Using job boards is the traditional method for advertising your role. However, these days there are also a huge range of other options for reaching workers. Some employers trawl through social media […]

Recruitment Procedure

Clients hear about CIRCLE Recruitment & HR from a variety of sources; from our marketing and publicity initiatives, directly from our website, from previous client’s word of mouth referrals and from returned business from existing clients. While we specialise in white collar roles, we have placed our candidates into full-time, part-time, casual and temporary positions, […]

Is Your Business Suffering From Absenteeism

Is Your Business Suffering From Absenteeism?

Did you know that it is suggested that the cost of one of your workers being absent from work for one day is $578! Absenteeism costs around $44 Billion dollars every year to Australia and quite apart from the monetary aspect other issues such as lower moral amongst other workers, the inefficiencies from having to […]

Higher Level Employee

Looking For A Higher Level Employee? Manager? Executive? What Are The Pitfalls?

The  CIRCLE Executive Division holds strong experience with the recruitment of higher-level candidates and well understands some of the pitfalls when recruiting your next executive. Executive search is a time-consuming and diligent process. Many senior team members are not actively looking for a new role and may need to be convinced to explore opportunities outside […]

Why An Enriched Life Outside Work, Makes All Work Better.

Did you know that research shows one way of coping with high pressured work is to have more interests outside of work? You would think, that when you are dragging yourself back in the door at the end of the day, in the dark, exhausted, worn down and ready for nothing but a red wine […]

Leading The Team

As a manager, one of the hardest aspects can be leading the team. Your team is made up of humans, who all have different worldviews, cultural backgrounds, ideas and perspectives, not to mention emotions!  Someone once described the delicate balance of personalities at work to me in this way ‘Your world is like a spinning top; you […]

Enhanced Recruitment Practises

Organisations have a range of technologies available to them, to assist with workforce recruitment. Many experts believe Recruitment is the most important of all Human Resource operations and is the corner stone for business survival. Technologies available to firms today, to assist them with attraction and recruitment, include using professional recruitment firms, pursuing passive candidates, increasing employment […]

Recruit On Attitude Not On Skills

So you are looking for a new employee and are going to do it yourself. Because we are that sort of a company, we are going to give you some recruiter’s tips on recruitment. Tip number 1: Use a professional (well we had to say that) Tip number 2: Recruit on Attitude not on skills […]

Do You Need To Recruit A Manager?

CIRCLE Recruitment & HR has been in business such a long time now that we have been able to watch our client’s businesses grow and develop along with our own! In the beginning, often start ups come to us looking for initial staff such as admin, sales, accounts or operational workers, but as the business matures, […]

Creating Avatars For Recruitment

Recruitment is hard. You may have in your mind what sort of person you are after, their skill set, their work ethic, even what their personality may be like but finding that exact match? That is another thing. Say you can describe to yourself the perfect worker you need. You know exactly what you want. […]

Do You Need A Digital Native?

In the fast paced and highly progressive digital time we currently live, the importance of having a Digital Native on your team can not be stressed enough. How often is it, that you find yourself, the elder seeking assistance of a younger counterpart when it comes to the complex and confusing world of technology. Whether […]

What Is Involved In A Full Recruitment Process?

There are plenty of considerations and steps to complete when engaging in the recruitment of new employees, including the initial advertisement of a position, writing of job descriptions, competency matching, candidate interviews, testing, reference checking and much more! A full recruitment process can be quite daunting for businesses that do not engage in hiring new […]

Is Your Performance Management Non-Existent? What Are The Latest Trends?

Did you know that most people would rather go to the dentist than give a performance review and most people would rather be stuck in a lift than go to the dentist (apologies to all dentists) so where does that leave the priority of performance managing your workers? Pretty low. If you do not performance […]

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