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Employee Engagement Ideas to Boost Morale

In the fast-paced world of modern workplaces, fostering a sense of camaraderie and employee engagement is essential for maintaining a positive and productive work environment. Employee engagement goes beyond the daily tasks and responsibilities—it’s about creating a workplace where individuals feel valued, motivated, and connected to the company’s mission. Let’s explore creative and fun employee […]

Excessive leave – what to do about it

You know the type? Workaholic. Always working, never takes any leave. Well here is the thing… Not taking regular leave is actually a Work, Health & Safety issue and can have a very negative effect not only on your worker, but on your whole organisation. It can lead to demotivation, fatigue and an increase in […]

What NOT to put on your RESUME

A resume is more often than not a company’s first impression of you, and as we all know, first impressions last. So, here are 9 things to eradicate from your resume before they kill your application: Using an unprofessional email address can reflect immaturity and lose credibility with the recruiter viewing your resume. It will […]

Spruce up your LinkedIn: 8 Easy Ways to Up Your Job Search Game

LinkedIn is one of the largest professional networks, and the perfect channel for your job search. With over 1 billion users worldwide as of 2024, you want YOUR profile to stand out! Here are a few easy ways to make sure you have the best chance of grabbing the attention of recruiters and professionals in […]

Team slackers: what to do about them

Everyone has a slacker on their team. You know the worker, who just doesn’t pull their weight. Gets pulled along by the team and slithers out of responsibility and work. The one that everyone secretly knows is slack and this annoys the rest of the team. The one who always is complaining about how much […]

Short term or long term workers, with loads of flexibility – get ready now, for the summer holidays

Having flexibility with your staffing is one of the most important requirements for most organisations. Without a level of flexibility, how do you manage, when your permanent team members are on holidays, have unexpected absences or take parental leave? What about those peak seasons in your industry – how do you manage in those really […]

Want to shut down over Christmas? What to do with your workers?

Many organisations like to close down for a short or longer period over the Festive Season. Sometimes the amount of Public Holidays make the few days in between seem pointless for opening the business. At this time, many suppliers are also closed, so your supply chain may not be functioning as well as it should […]

Help! I’m in love with my colleague!

In reality, many long term relationships start at work. Many people meet first in the workplace and go on to live lives, raise children and be together for many years.

However, approaching someone at work with your feelings for them can be a mine field.

Got some doubts about an employee? No proof? What can you do?

You just have those niggling doubts; nothing you can put your finger on, but enough to make you worried. It could be about lack of work; honesty; ethics; attitude – whatever it is, you feel it, but you just are not certain. Here’s the thing… When you are managing employees you must always be bound […]

How to stretch your recruitment dollars further

Recruitment is an expensive business, whether you are employing a recruiter or you are doing it yourself. Time is money and recruitment is an activity that takes a lot of your time. Firstly there is writing a job spec, then an advert; deciding where to advertise, and then dealing with the applicants. If you are […]

Will your job change with new AI technologies? Part 2

Potential new jobs and possible future changes industry-wide as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning grows ever more “intelligent”.

Will your job change with new AI technologies?

Part 1 In my previous blogs, it was discussed how Artificial Intelligence (AI) burst onto our consciousness in late 2022 and how we would need to use AI tools at work to keep up and optimise our time and productivity. As I started contemplating the coming changes AI will bring to jobs in different industries, […]

Why your Managers fail…

So many times I have been in conferences, networking events, business groups and mentoring groups, when the question is asked ‘What is your biggest pain’ and unanimously the answer is people; staff; workers; employees! So what’s the issue – people are wonderful; creative; talented; smart  – why do so many businesses find them the greatest […]

Deal With Upward Bullying Like a Boss

As HR Consultants we see our fair share of different workplace issues, but one that we notice is often left unaddressed is Upward Bullying. What is Upward Bullying? This is when an employee or group of employees bully their superior. This can come in many forms such as a worker refusing to cooperate, acting in […]

5 things to attract the best and brightest talent.

It’s hard to find good staff members at the best of times, let alone when there are skill shortages, low unemployment and lots of competition for candidates looking for new roles. Why would they work for you? How can you attract the best and brightest talent? Here are 5 surefire ways! Good candidates know their […]

They have asked for a pay rise: What do you do now?

It actually takes a lot of courage for an employee to front their boss and ask for a pay rise. They have probably been thinking about it for a while, which is dangerous, because it means that they are generally not happy about the state of affairs and this can leave to perceptions of an […]

Are Cover Letter Sill Relevant in Today’s Job Market?

The recruitment landscape has evolved significantly these past few years, most notably in the digital automation space. With the rise of automated recruitment processes, job seekers are starting to wonder which of their practices are still relevant in today’s market. A question we’re asked a lot is whether or not there is a point to […]

Using AI Tools at Work

Following on from my previous blogs on AI, I can categorically say that AI Tools not only are already in the workplace, they will become essential. This space is moving quickly and it really won’t be long before everyone will use some kind of AI tool, app or in-house generator tool routinely at work. In […]

Top things big recruitment companies don’t want you to know

Tired of dealing with recruitment companies? Still need help but not getting the service levels you require? Our industry has some brilliant, ethical, smart operators that really know what they are doing, but sadly also many churn and burn recruiters, who unbelievably still just aim to get ‘bums on seats’. So here it is; the […]

Protecting Your Workplace Against Psychological Injuries

Psychological injuries are a range of cognitive, emotional and behavioural symptoms that can interfere with an employee’s life and can significantly affect how they feel, think, behave and interact with others. The most common forms of psychological injuries include, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, adjustment disorders and anxiety. Examples of psychological hazards in the workplace are bullying, aggression, […]

Finding it hard to get good staff? What’s your EVP like?

Recently I called a new client who had been unsuccessful recruiting on their own, to delve a little deeper into their recruitment problems. The role that they were looking to fill was not anything out of the ordinary, but their industry does have issues with skill shortages. I wanted to ask the client ‘what are […]


Working from home is now a common feature within the Australian business environment. Many businesses are now offering a blend of WFH and in-office work, which means you, must be prepared within both work environments. The 2022-2023 income rate methods have changed to adapt to these new working methods so it is important that you […]

What your employees won’t tell you till the day they leave

It’s Monday morning, you have your day and your week planned out. You have that training to facilitate, those strategy meetings to attend and you are excited to be finally moving forward with that big project. And then… Your number one employee comes into the office, closes the door behind them and says “really sorry […]

How To Handle The Peaks And Troughs Of Your Business

Many times we meet with the HR Manager or Directors of organisations who talk to us about the peaks and troughs of their workflows. For some, the work is seasonal and starts to dry up in winter or in certain months of the year. For others it can be unexpected. Clients take on staff, just […]

Things are not always as they seem AKA will my job be taken over by a robot?

My family has been having fun creating poems and songs using the program while it was still free for use. I decided to ask for a blog post about a very general topic I am familiar with in my work – Career Change. I have to admit it’s been really amusing and fun. The content […]

Career Change: Making the Leap

Are you feeling unsatisfied with your current job or career path? You’re not alone. Many people experience this feeling at some point in their lives and choose to make a career change. However the thought of starting over in a new field can be overwhelming. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons for […]

How your business can turn ‘The Great Resignation’ into ‘The Great Retention’

With two million Australians expected to quit their jobs over the next twelve months, the ‘Great Resignation’, is still here. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australia saw the highest annual job mobility rate in almost a decade last year, with 9.5% of the employed population, changing or leaving their jobs. Businesses are already […]

Are You An Experiential Interviewee?

Over the years we have interviewed hundreds of candidates from young people just out of school, through to executives and it does not matter what level of worker you are or what stage your career is at, if you can be an experiential interviewee you have a greater chance of success. So what do we […]

The truth about job seeking that no one tells you…..

Every one of us who has applied for jobs online has had the strange experience of being in a no man’s land. We had no idea about the job application black hole until we experienced it for ourselves. Applications go out into the ether, but no responses come back. We have unanswered questions – Did […]

Changing Career

Is this your career re-evaluation opportunity?

What have we learned from our time in lockdown? For many of us we have had our freedoms curtailed but being able to work from home has meant our livelihoods haven’t been affected. We are grateful for this, notwithstanding the hassles of trying to work in home environments that are sometimes not up to par, […]

How to Improve Your Workplace Culture

Workplace Culture is the overall character and personality of a business. It is the shared values, belief systems, behaviours and attitudes that make your business unique. Why is it important? Workplace culture is so important because it influences so many aspects of your business, including: It defines your organisations internal and external identity It attracts […]

Candidates – Now is the time to make your move

We have been through great changes and upheaval and many of us have been reassessing what is important. Inevitably, the work/ life and career arena is one of the areas that people reassess. A perfect storm moment exists for candidates right now due to a number of pressures on the job market: The great resignation […]

Workplace Gossip: Spreading faster than Covid – how to stop it!

There is nothing worse than a culture that is underhanded, clicky and where some workers excel in passive aggressive behaviours including being great at gossip. Sadly this can not only come from workers; but management and if left unchecked will eventually destroy the organisation. Oh, come on – destroy the organisation? That’s a bit steep […]

How a super star employee can lift productivity and engage the rest of your team!

Did you know that one super star employee can have a huge effect on raising the standard of work in your organisation?   If your team is a little lacklustre in their performance and you introduce a real go-getter, it can have the effect of positively increasing the morale and productivity of the whole team. […]

Got A Workflow Problem – Temps Could Be The Answer!

We were in a tight spot – we had a number of key people away and a huge contract came in requiring serious work. We needed someone who could hit the ground running, was a gem at formatting large documents and could undertake research for our proposal. What is the answer…. A good temp! Temps […]

What are your transferable skills and how can you use them to get a job in another industry?

Knowing and understanding your transferable skills are part and parcel of selling yourself for any new job. All the skills and experience you have gained throughout your career in previous jobs add up to your transferable skills and knowledge base that you can use to sell your abilities to a prospective employer. What do you […]

What skills does a recruiter have?

Anyone can recruit right? Anyone can whack a job advert on Seek correct? Yes and no. Yes, anyone can place an advert and interview candidates but no, not anyone can perform a skilled and scientifically based program to get you the best person possible for the job. Apparently CV fraud is on the rise. False […]

Tattoos in the Workplace: To Do or Not Tattoo?

Have you ever thought about getting a tattoo, but then decided against it fearing judgement from others? Well, a recent study says that 1 in 4 Australian’s have at least one tattoo, which has risen from 19% in 2016! From this data, it is clear that society’s perceptions surrounding tattoos have changed from a symbol […]

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Christmas parties are coming around and for young people, there is the inevitable question from older family members and friends – What do you want to be when you grow up? Your well-meaning family aren’t asking you what your hobbies are, or to ascertain that you want to grow up to be a good person […]

Quick HR: Engaging Disinterested Employees

Ok, assuming you have all of your documents in place, you must follow procedure. Structure is important, as well as the ability to record communication. To engage staff, it is essential to open an even level of dialogue that allows feedback from the employee. Discuss issues but ensure that these issues can come to an […]

Candidate Solution Services – What are they about?

The CIRCLE Candidate Solutions Services have been designed and are implemented by CIRCLE Career Coach Maria Cordi. Each service can be a stand-alone service to target a specific issue or combined as required. In a nutshell, the candidate services are as follows: Career coaching: Career coaching for a career change or following a redundancy will […]

CIRCLE’s “Future-Proof Your Career” series: 2. Identify the Trends

Previously we touched on the concept of Future-Proofing your Career. Rather than suffering the whims of fate helplessly, you are in charge of designing your career.  By keeping abreast of change and using career planning principles, you can overcome career hiccoughs and career stagnation. You are the only one that can decide how your career […]

Hiring the Right Project Manager

Project Managers play a critical role in the successful execution of projects. They will manage the project scope, allocate budget and be responsible for planning and quality control measures. Finding the right project manager can feel like searching for a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, however these tips will help you […]

Managing your Project Manager!

Not getting the most out of your Project Manager and expecting more? If you are assuming that your manager clearly knows the goals of the project, you may be placing your project in danger! You need to ensure your goals and timeframes are clear and communicate them with your Project Manager. As exceptional communication skills […]

How to Hire the Best Engineers

Hiring engineers can be extremely difficult, as the technical knowledge, experience and qualifications are often very specific. However, this difficulty is heightened by the current candidate-driven job market as there are more engineering jobs than available candidates. So how do you make sure you hire the best engineers in the face of these challenges? Be […]

Shortage of Engineers? Look for champion potential!

Engineers and technicians are among the most in-demand jobs in the world. It is a well-known fact that the engineering industry is struggling against a widespread skill and staff shortage, and has been this way for many years. The Covid pandemic has made us realise that we cannot completely rely on outsourcing overseas, migration and […]

Competition in the Financial Services Industry

Competition is extremely robust in the financial services industry, with businesses actively competing with each other to differentiate themselves and provide superior service. This is heightened by the ease at which customers and clients can move from one financial service provider to another and the increasing demand for more personalised, automated services. The strong competition […]

The Union between Purpose and People – Content Creators

When curated with the purpose to inform and invoke excitement in its audience, content is the compelling marriage between commercial ambition and consumer desire. Providing a voice to market research, authentic content expertly resonates the aspirations of your brand and your audience, and cultivates an engaged and anticipatory community of like-minded individuals.  In the throes […]

Coping with the Shortage of High Calibre Staff in the Not-For-Profit & Disability Sector

Not-for-profit organisations have always struggled with recruiting ‘top talent’, as their limited resources make it difficult to compete with other industries’ offers and opportunities. This issue is especially potent, as COVID-19 has hindered organisations’ ability to offer attractive salaries and benefits due to declining government funding.  Here is how your organisation can attract and retain […]

Impact of Digitalisation on Marketing

The growth of the internet and proliferation of technology and digital media has completely revolutionised the marketing industry. Digitalisation refers to the transformation of materials, practices, and data to a digital format and has had strong implications for Marketers worldwide. So how exactly has digitalisation affected marketing?  Data One of, if not the most significant […]

New Challenges in an Aged Care Environment

While many of our clients run quality homes and Aged Care services, unearthed through the Royal Commission is a system nuanced with ingrained behaviours, inconsistent processes, and poor integration jaded through years of poor accountability and governance. This has been entrenched throughout time, requiring a significant and systematic restructuring of organisational procedures, processes and care […]

Why Should You Outsource your HR?

HR is a key aspect of any organisation, from performance management, learning and development and employee relations, to recruiting and managing payroll. Although HR is extremely important, we understand that not all organisations have the capability or resources to have their own HR department. This is where outsourced comes in. HR outsourcing involves using an […]

How has COVID-19 Affected the Health Landscape & Staffing?

Whilst Australian states continues to flatten the COVID-19 curve and yield the rewards cultivated from months of augmented vaccination efforts, many continue to resonate from the aftershock of stringent lockdown measures. These same measures implemented to protect the physical wellbeing of Australians have also harmed their mental and emotional welfare. A double-edged sword, enforcements including […]

Waiting for your perfect match? Wait no more!

Great Resignation, Big Quit, Candidate and Skill Shortage… sounds familiar? Recruiting permanent staff has generally always been easy, but in times of tight candidate markets; It becomes really challenging. You must wait for days, weeks, even months to find someone to complete your permanent role. You are hoping for that “perfect candidate” to fall from […]

Staff-to-Residents Ratio in the Aged Care Industry

The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety exposed several systematic issues, most notably understaffing within the Aged Care industry, and the complications associated with this. The staff-to-resident ratio is of primary concern, with aged care residents currently receiving 2.5 hours of care each day, where this figure should reflect 4.3 hours. With the […]

4 Key Challenges in Financial Services Recruitment

The Financial Services sector has been going through a transformation, with changes in technology, regulation and candidates making it a highly volatile industry. Recruiting in the Financial Services Industry is resultantly very challenging, with the following points highlighting some of the key issues: 1. Labour Shortage As a result of factors such as COVID-19, there […]

Changing Health Industry

The volatility of the COVID-19 landscape has persisted in challenging the health industry workforce, illuminating the various inequities that underpin accessibility to healthcare. The means through which health assistance is provided, and the quality of patient care has evolved, requiring sustained transformation towards the deliverance of an innovative and dynamic virtual care model. Industry disruption, […]

How to Cope with Fundraising During Difficult Times

The COVID-19 Pandemic, tight economic markets or different specific conditions can make it extremely hard for organisations in the Not-For-Profit sector to fundraise. This makes it necessary for organisations to look for unique fundraising ideas and innovations whilst raising much needed funds. The following are some great suggestions into how your organisation can still fundraise […]


If you want your job application to stand out among many others, the short answer is to use KEY WORDS. What you need to do specifically is to spend some time tweaking your existing Cover Letter (body of email content) and Resume to ensure that you use the same key words that are in the […]

Meaningful Work Amid Shifting Priorities

I’ve noticed a trend in the conversations I’ve had of late with people seeking to make a career change. The career changers have jobs, but they are seeking something else. Recent events have only exacerbated their feelings and they aren’t content to compromise. It’s a common feeling and actually one that more and more young […]

How mindfulness at work can improve your organisation

Mindfulness is the latest ‘buzz’ word, but what does it mean – does it have any relevance to the workplace? The answer is yes! Mental health issues and depression have a huge effect on the workplace through chronic absenteeism, lower productivity and loss of morale.  The issue is, that some stress, felt by individuals can […]

Reducing the Cost of Employment

More and more businesses are being caught for wage theft and there is no excuse for this. We live and work in Australia, enjoying a very high standard of living. Along with that standard comes the cost of wages in this country. We now have the highest minimum wages in the world and if you […]

Part-timers no longer get pro-rata annual leave? What’s the Story?

All subscription clients with CIRCLE Recruitment & HR have already been notified about the changes to the way part time personal Carers Leave is accrued. This is a service some like to pay for, to ensure that they are at the forefront of the latest Human Resource and Industrial Relations issues and have an outsourced […]

What is gamification and how does it engage my team?

HR and people management gurus love new catch phrases and use ideas to capture interest and make us feel that this is the very latest and greatest way to manage your team. ‘Gamification’ is one such word and idea. If you are not engaging with ‘Gamification’ you are way behind the eight ball right? Well […]

Career Tips to Help You Out This Summer!

Job search during the holidays Are you super busy in the lead up to the Christmas and New Year holidays? It’s easy to get lulled by the warm sun and chaos of the holidays to lose track of your goal of finding a job or changing jobs or careers. Don’t let external circumstances, the holidays, […]

How to Ace your Video Interview

Between FaceTime, Skype, and the bevy of online video applications, video interviews are growing in popularity. If given a choice, as a candidate I would always opt for a face-to-face interview as a personal presence can create a much greater impression than a two dimensional screen. Don’t be in too much of a hurry to […]

Why Trust is so Important

Trust is something that people don’t often think about in terms of work relationships, but it is super important. You see when an employee is offered a job, there is more than one contract that is bought into play. While we all sign employment contracts that advise about the terms of the workplace and the […]

CIRCLE’s “Future-Proof Your Career” series: 1. Getting Started

What does “Future-Proofing Your Career” mean? From the most senior of executives, to the most junior of assistants, why should we all do it? Picture this; you are happy at your job. You have been loyal to the company and you aren’t looking to leave because you know everyone, know the business and frankly, you […]

Skill Shortage in the Accounting Profession

Accounting professionals have always been difficult to recruit, from the technical knowledge required to the often specialised natures of the role. However, there is currently a major skill shortage in the accounting industry, with a study from the Australian National Skills Commission finding that accountants were one of the occupations suffering the highest skill shortages. […]

What is a Deed of Release and can it help you get out of a sticky situation?

A Deed of Release is a document used when an employee is leaving a business, in which the employee agrees to release the business from any employee claims in return for a sum of money. These are serious documents that need to be considered very carefully. You need to make sure that the Deed of […]

Reset, Resign, Restart.

Headlines are everywhere about “The Great Resignation” happening around the world. A multitude of people have experienced a Pandemic Reset and decided NO to their pre-existing work arrangements, commutes and jobs. Employers will have to entice employees with greater flexibility, benefits and increased pay to gain and retain staff. There are reports of staff shortages […]

Your Staff and Sickies

‘Winter is coming’ is not just a Game of Thrones phrase … it is a reality. And with the change of season comes the flu and sickies. There is lots of anecdotal conflicting information about sickies – one voice says that these are burnt into the Australia psyche and in 2016 cost the economy a […]

First changes with casual conversion and now part time leave changes? Exactly what flexible model of employment can I use?

Having a flexible workforce is an imperative for many businesses. Additionally many workers are looking for casual or part time work to facilitate study, parenthood or work/life balance. One very popular academic model of employment is the ‘Flexible Firm’ where an organisation has a core of permanent full time employees and then a periphery of […]

Manage your Managers

Usually organisations promote people to supervisory or management positions, because they are good at the functional capacity of their job. Often these people are thrown into the deep water without any assistance or help on how to manage employees. Just because you were good at your other job, does not mean you will be good […]

When you decide to work with a Recruiter, what protections do you have?

The recruitment industry historically has not had a good name. When you decide to use a recruiter, how can you be sure you are getting a qualified, responsible, ethical and cost effective service? Don’t be caught out – know who you are dealing with. The Recruitment Consulting Services Association (RCSA) is the recognised industry body […]

Simple Tips and Tricks to get the most out of your team

Wish your team were a little more efficient? A little more effective? Did what you needed a little more? Here are some simple tips and tricks to get more from your team. 1. Focus on strengths. We all have strengths and weaknesses. If I have a strength, then I am really good generally, at doing […]

Why List Hobbies on a Resume?

Recruiters use hobbies listed to get a feel for the candidate. It is additional information they use to figure out whether they would fit in well into a job, company culture, a team or with a particular boss. Your work experience, qualifications and personal attributes are the main criteria examined for best fit for a […]

How to Deal with a Colleague who is Slacking off

A colleague who doesn’t pull their weight; there is at least one in every office! The one that gets pulled along by the team and somehow slithers out of responsibilities at work. The one who doesn’t give 100% to a project. The one who seems to spend more of their day online shopping than doing […]

Job searching in uncertain times.

Job confidence in the economy waxes and wanes at different times, seen most recently when Covid-19 struck out of nowhere. Many businesses and whole industries have been affected, which had a flow on effect to the whole economy. When employers lose confidence, the results are a halt to jobs growth and investment, and an increase […]

Coping with Lockdown

Ahh, another lockdown! Although by now we have all had experience with what a lockdown entails, it is never easy to make that quick transition from working in the office and being social to being couped up in your house. Unfortunately, working from home is not just about being in your pyjamas and sleeping in […]

Enhanced Recruitment Practises

Organisations have a range of technologies available to them, to assist with workforce recruitment. Many experts believe Recruitment is the most important of all Human Resource operations and is the corner stone for business survival. Technologies available to firms today, to assist them with attraction and recruitment, include using professional recruitment firms, pursuing passive candidates, increasing employment […]

Working from home – the new normal?

While lockdowns around the world seriously restricted our freedoms, there have been some positives that have resulted. Obviously, I don’t want to downplay the losses of life, livelihoods, businesses and whole industries, however. Family members reconnected as they were together more and not racing around commuting to work, school and other activities. Everyone has a […]

New Hybrid Work Style; Employer Concerns

Covid-19 transformed the workplace as we know it and saw workplaces around the world go online. As the current economic environment is still highly volatile it has seen the hybrid work style rise in popularity, which involves some employees working in the office, others working remotely and some having a combination of both. This approach […]

New Hybrid Work Style- Will it Work for You?

2020 saw the workplace as we know it undergo a complete transformation, with employees around the world having to work remotely. The current unpredictable nature of the workplace has resulted in an increase in popularity of the hybrid work style, which involves some employees working in the office, others working remotely and some utilising a […]

Phone Interviews

A lot of focus is placed on the face-to-face interview (or online video at the moment) but really there often is a step just before that a job seeker has to get through that can stop your application going ahead. Phone interviews are screening interviews to identify the basics like telephone manner, interest in the […]

Online Interview Tips Amidst Social Distancing

Social distancing has brought to the fore an increase in the practice of interviews being conducted online. Many platforms are available for video calls such as Zoom, Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp, Google Duo, Snapchat, and Instagram among others. For business use however, Skype and Zoom are in the most use. If you are looking for a […]

Free Time on your Hands? A Good Opportunity to Upskill!

We’re all home with more time on our hands. Most of us have been binge watching Netflix, cleaning and baking (if the run on supermarkets and Bunnings accurately reflect what we are up to). Of course there’s work, but we need to have a break from that and do something for ourselves too. The 3 […]

How to Work from Home and not Lose your MIND

There is a plethora of excellent advice available online aiming to help you stay productive while keeping a safe and healthy distance. However, I want to give you a slightly different take that will hopefully help to keep you sane or even happy as well. The usual, excellent advice for working from home: Ensure you […]

Running a Business in a Pandemic World

In a world where there is daily panic and businesses are worried about potential losses, supply disruption and liabilities from personal carers leave entitlements for quarantine periods, many organisations feel at a loss to know what to do next. As the Coronavirus, develops stronger global impacts and we start to see repercussive events, illnesses, deaths, […]

Safe Work NSW focus for October 2019

October 2019 is Safe Work Month, nationally, which aims to have us all focus much more on safety at work. However this needs to be our focus every month of the year – October just reminds us! While most of our clients work in office locations, we do have many manufacturing and processing clients as […]

Upward Management – getting along with your boss, CEO or business owner

Very few individuals in the workplace do not have to be involved in upward management. Even a business owner may have to upward manage to a bank, lender, high level customer or key supplier. Gaining compliance from other people, is all a part of working and being in business. Skills in upward management are ESSENTIAL […]

How to Manage Mental Health Issues at Work

In our last blog, we talked about stressors and whether they could be classified as hindrance stressors OR challenge stressors.  In this article, we are going to look at what we can do as employers, when we feel that someone at work is suffering from mental health issues, which goes BEYOND challenge stressors. Workplace stressors […]

Can you manage the stress in your workplace to achieve better outcomes?

As employers, we have a duty of care over our workers, to ensure they are safe and well at work. While in the past, the focus has been on physical health, the growing trend these days, sees workers with mental health issues. The modern pace of life, the pressures both financial and social as well […]

What are Employee Assistance Programs and how do they help me?

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are programs that offer services to employees to enable them to manage a range of both personal and professional issues. The reasons an organisation might engage in this, is to help their employees reach better outcomes and by doing so, increase the organisational capacity. EAPs can reduce organisational costs by reducing […]

Are you Ready for Video and Skype Interviews?

Technology has changed the way interviews are conducted today. Increasingly businesses utilize expertise from distant locations for example, because the internet has allowed for people to be connected as never before. You may be used to interviews over the phone or in person at company premises. Are you equally prepared for a Video interview OR […]

How Career Coaching For Your Next Interview Can Give Your Confidence The Boost To Win The Job!

You’ve received the magic call to attend a job interview. WELL DONE, you’ve successfully negotiated the first step! Always remember that if a recruiter/employer wants to meet with you, you have passed the fundamental requirements for the job. They are satisfied with your telephone manner and with answers to the basic screening questions they’ve asked. […]

Workplace Investigations

Sometimes incidents occur in the workplace, which are of such a serious nature that they require a workplace investigation. Traditionally this might be due to allegations of serious misconduct, violence, theft, severe breaches of policy or procedure, sexual harassment, bullying or allegations that need to be investigated. Taking action directly without a workplace investigation can […]

A Time to Pause, Rest and Reflect ?

The Chinese call 2019, the year of the pig. The pig to the Chinese represents luck, good fortune, wealth, honesty and prosperity. However for Australia it seems like 2019 is the year of the sloth, a year to “pause, rest and reflect”. Everyone is doing it ! The chief executive officers of our largest banks […]

5 Top HR issues

As a member of the Australian HR Institute (AHRI) we like to keep up to date with the latest in HR issues and advice. Five issues from last year that were AHRI’s most visited topics were: Performance Management Exiting the organisation Recruitment & Selection Learning and Development HR Strategies and Planning Interesting that these topics […]

7 Steps you must Perform for a SUCCESSFUL Career Change

In today’s world there are an increasing number of people embarking on a change of career. Whether forced upon them or part of a plan to make their lives better, changing one’s career can be a daunting prospect. For many, one of the biggest hurdles is knowing where to start. That’s where a proven system […]

How to Deal with Losing your Job

Redundancy, Retrenchment, Downsizing and You’re Fired! No matter how it’s phrased, losing your job is a difficult situation to face. Losing your job may be a surprise or anticipated If you’ve been forewarned so that the announcement is not a surprise, you have some time to prepare and plan for your future. Without warning however, […]

Beware… The Casual Worker

Towards the end of last year, there was lots of noise about Casual Employees! There are 2 specific issues: 1. The Workpac Pty Ltd v Skene case which saw a regular and systematic casual, successfully apply to be considered permanent and win back pay, regardless of the fact that the employer had paid the casual […]

In-House HR or Consultants – What Works Best?

The use of consultants within organisations has been a growing phenomenon, taking flight well before the 1900s and continuously rising in demand by organisations today. The debate continues surrounding the benefits of using internal over external consultants and visa-versa. Why would organisations would choose one over the other? Consider this, tension is actually a good […]

I Just Don’t Know How to Manage my Team of Gen X and Millennials

Fred put his beer down on the bar and leaned closer to Maria ‘the thing is’ he whispered ‘I don’t get the younger generation. I don’t understand their work ethic and I don’t know how to manage my team who are all either Gen X or Millennials…. What happened to my generation, who had a […]

Down, Down, Unemployment is Down

  In early October, the Australian Bureau of Statistics issued a statement showing unemployment had fallen from 5.3% to 5.0%. The net increase in employment during September was 5,600 jobs, with strong growth in full-time employment (20,300 people gaining new positions) but a decline in part-time positions. This is the lowest level for unemployment in […]

What is job quality and why is everyone talking about it?

Job quality refers to the positive attributes that ensure a role is interesting, offers development, pays well and attracts long term workers. This is a key concept of importance to organisations, industries and developed countries, as they struggle to remain economically viable in a fast changing world and deal with multi-generational workforces. Some of the […]

Summer Career Tips from Maria

Job search during the holidays Are you super busy in the lead up to the Christmas and New Year holidays? It’s easy to get lulled by the warm sun and chaos of the holidays to lose track of your goal of finding a job or changing jobs or careers. Don’t let external circumstances, the holidays, […]

What is Australia’s Safety Net and how does it protect my workers?

In considering specifically, the legislative framework for Australia’s safety net, you must first define what the safety net is within the system. Australia’s labour safety net comprises three distinct aspects: The Minimum Wage The National Employment Standards The Modern Award System Having a minimum wage policy is common among OECD countries and Australia matches international […]

I’m Having Trouble Managing My Diverse Team – What Can I Do?

Wahida was complaining that Hernandez did not understand her and Fred’s abrupt comments were upsetting to Ling. Everyone seemed to be pulling in a different direction and Michael had no idea how to bring it all together. Individually, these people were all brilliant, that’s why they were chosen for this project, but together it was […]

Tactics To Make My New Hires ‘Hit The Ground Running’

Onboarding is the process that organisations implement, to expedite socialisation (Klein 2015). Socialisation is the theory of facilitating integration of new workers more quickly into the business, through their observations and adoption of the behaviours of those around them. Standardising formal socialisation processes, (e.g formalised induction processes) assists in improving business outcomes and overcoming variance […]

Why socialise your workers? What’s the benefit?

Socialisation is based on social learning theory, stating that we learn new behaviours by observing and copying others, through behaviour modification. This theory explains how we view behaviours around us; modify them to suit our purposes and continue or cease the behaviour, based on the positive or negative feedback we receive. Workplace socialisation is highly […]

Three Top Business Tips as Governments (and Prime Ministers) Change

Governments come and governments go, almost as often as we change Prime Minister, but how does a business cope, grow and prosper, despite the constant changes? Ultimately, at the broader level, changes to who is Prime Minister (Rudd to Gillard or Abbott to Turnbull to Morrison) only have an extremely limited impact on business and […]

How to predict your next worker will be successful in your business?

Sally looked at the young candidate sitting nervously in front of her twisting her fingers in her lap. ‘I have bought all my references and I have a sample of my work in this folder if you would like to see it’ she said. Sally sighed inwardly, she was looking for just one thing and […]

Recruiting by Social Media – The Positives and Negatives

Many organisations use dedicated recruitment websites such as Seek, My Career, Indeed and even less conventional and generalist websites when looking for workers. Using job boards is the traditional method for advertising your role. However, these days there are also a huge range of other options for reaching workers. Some employers trawl through social media […]

Employing in a Creative Manner – Ten tips to reduce employment risk and make more money!

CIRCLE Recruitment & HR is a member of BXNetworking. It comprises networking groups, right across Sydney where small businesses meet. As their in-house HR expert, I created an article for the BXNetworking magazine and a corresponding Webinar on Employing in a Creative Manner. Here’s is an excerpt just for you … for the rest – […]

The biggest mistake you can make in your job search

Do you remember the fable of the hare and tortoise? It is told to children to illustrate the value of persistence. “Slow and steady” wins the race, and by extrapolation, can help you improve any skill or achieve any goal. The thing is, slow and steady isn’t sexy! The hard slog never is. People dream […]

Chronological or Functional Resume?

What type of resume will bring you the greater chance of success? Which would grab the hiring manager’s attention? Would you have recruiters calling you if you used another approach to preparing your resume? The answers to these questions is that it all depends. Your circumstances, and what you are trying to do, makes all […]

Looking Up: Growth, Employment And Wages

In 2018, Australia is experiencing its 27th year since the last recession, one of the longest periods of growth experienced by a nation in the modern era. The current year has started well, with many companies hiring new staff, reporting higher sales and increased profitability. Interest rates seem to be on hold, thanks in part […]

Looking Up: Growth, Employment And Wages

In 2018, Australia is experiencing its 27th year since the last recession, one of the longest periods of growth experienced by a nation in the modern era. The current year has started well, with many companies hiring new staff, reporting higher sales and increased profitability.Interest rates seem to be on hold, thanks in part to […]

Recruitment Procedure

Clients hear about CIRCLE Recruitment & HR from a variety of sources; from our marketing and publicity initiatives, directly from our website, from previous client’s word of mouth referrals and from returned business from existing clients. While we specialise in white collar roles, we have placed our candidates into full-time, part-time, casual and temporary positions, […]

Is Your Business Suffering From Absenteeism

Is Your Business Suffering From Absenteeism?

Did you know that it is suggested that the cost of one of your workers being absent from work for one day is $578! Absenteeism costs around $44 Billion dollars every year to Australia and quite apart from the monetary aspect other issues such as lower moral amongst other workers, the inefficiencies from having to […]

Working In The Gig Economy – Good Or Bad?

There are many different opinions on the Gig economy as a structure for work. On the positive side, it allows an unregistered marketplace, where people can decide for themselves what they want to buy and sell. It allows individuals who may not have access to specific work to cut through the middle man and sell […]

Higher Level Employee

Looking For A Higher Level Employee? Manager? Executive? What Are The Pitfalls?

The  CIRCLE Executive Division holds strong experience with the recruitment of higher-level candidates and well understands some of the pitfalls when recruiting your next executive. Executive search is a time-consuming and diligent process. Many senior team members are not actively looking for a new role and may need to be convinced to explore opportunities outside […]

How To Perform Well At A Job Interview

How To Perform Well At A Job Interview

Do you need help with job interviews? You may be searching for your first “real” job, or you have actually never had to do interviews because you got your role through a friend and then you were promoted at work from one job to the next. Or perhaps it has been a really long time […]

Single Touch Payroll Starts From 1 July 2018

We have been advising our clients to prepare for single touch payroll for the last 2 years, knowing that it is coming and now here it is! The ATO is changing the way that we employers have to report PAYG and super information to them. This change comes into being from 1 July 2018 and […]

How A Career Coach Can Help You

Using a career coach may not immediately spring to mind when you are looking for a new job or want to revitalise your career. To those that haven’t experienced the benefits of being coached, it may seem a luxury because you have always muddled through by yourself. But why wouldn’t you use the skills of […]

Why Super Is So Important.

Superannuation is simply money that you put away for your retirement. Super funds, then invest this money to assist its growth over time. It is the time aspect of super that makes it such as effective way of planning for your retirement. Although none of us want to focus on a time when we cannot […]

Welcome To Our New Careers Coach – Maria Cordi

At CIRCLE Recruitment & HR, we are invested in more than just placing people into jobs. We also want to assist individuals to be the best they can be, move into the career of their dreams, step outside their comfort zone and be more confident in their work environment. Whether that is about having your […]

Sexual Harassment – Jumping On The Band Wagon?

We have all seen the huge amount of media attention given to Sexual Harassment in Hollywood and witnessed how this trend has then sparked further claims across a number of other areas and with other well-known individuals. Many of these claims are well founded and horrific in nature and all steps should be taken to […]

Happy Days – Why The Share Market Correction Is Good News

The global share markets have been extremely volatile, during the past two weeks, largely because of good news. The US economy is gathering pace and steadily growing. In late January, economic data was released, which showed the US economy grew solidly in the December 2017 quarter rounding off a strong year of expansion. Then in early […]

Cut To The Chase: Just What Do Employers Look For?

There is no doubt that while different jobs all require different talents and capabilities, there are some general traits that all employers are looking for. We see these over and over again in the requests that employers make to us. It is interesting that skills are rarely at the top of the list; experience and […]

Final Retro Vlog

Here is our final Vlog in the Retro Vlog Series. We hope you have enjoyed looking back in time with us! Here’s a great look back to 2014, when Happy was the number one song on the charts and crazy recruitment businesses decided to dance on film! At the time, the Economy was turning and […]

Retro Vlog Series

Here’s a great vlog from our retro Vlog series! Kathryn talking about using leverage to grow your small business: Leverage, the magic word for Small Business growth Important Note: These articles have been prepared for general circulation and are circulated for general informational purposes only; these articles should not be regarded as business or investment […]

Retro Vlog Series

We at CIRCLE Recruitment & HR fully embrace work/life balance. See our Directors at work and play!

Retro Vlog Series

Here’s Nicoles 10 top tips for a winning resume – how many did you know about! Important Note: These articles have been prepared for general circulation and are circulated for general informational purposes only; these articles should not be regarded as business or investment advice. The articles represent the views of the writers and are […]

Retro Vlog Series

Check this retro vlog around the differences between Employees and Contractors- still current info and could save you lots of issues down the track! Important Note: These articles have been prepared for general circulation and are circulated for general informational purposes only; these articles should not be regarded as business or investment advice. The articles […]

Retro Vlog Series

Have you always wondered what you should do with your Cover Letter? What makes a good cover letter? How does it complement your resume. Listen to Nicole Jorgenson – the senior consultant with CIRCLE Recruitment & HR and learn how to format a better cover letter. Important Note: These articles have been prepared for general […]

Retro Vlog Series

How to manage your Bookkeeper for Small Business It’s great to have a bookkeeper work in your business, but do you know how to actually manage them? What questions should you be asking and how can you get the best value from your bookkeeper? Enjoy this little video from our Retro Vlog Series! Important Note: These […]

The Retro Vlog Series!

We have in the past made some great vlogs – short films that address a number of common issues which affect our clients and candidates. We have just reviewed them and decided that many of the issues are still current today, so we (after checking them thoroughly) are reissuing through our Retro Video Series. Great to […]

The New Role For Recruitment : Perhaps You Don’t Even Need To Recruit?

The role of the recruitment consultant is changing. Anyone can put an advert in Seek for a position, so what is the value add that a true Recruitment consultant offers to any business? The key is the word ‘consultancy’. Our industry body the RCSA is called Recruitment Consulting Services Association just for this reason – it is not the […]

Why An Enriched Life Outside Work, Makes All Work Better.

Did you know that research shows one way of coping with high pressured work is to have more interests outside of work? You would think, that when you are dragging yourself back in the door at the end of the day, in the dark, exhausted, worn down and ready for nothing but a red wine […]

What Can You Do To Prevent Cyber Security Attacks Through Your Workers?

I recently attended a great lunch promoted by Realise Business and the local Chamber of Commerce in regards to Cyber Security.  The lunch involved a panel discussion including representatives from  the Office of the NSW Small Business Commissioner; Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors; Technology firms and small businesses that had been subjected to cyber security […]

CIRCLE Recruitment & HR’s Top Interview Questions.

Have you read the checklist on our website for the Top 50 Interview Questions? It is a must if you are preparing for interviews. After having been in recruitment and HR for many years and interviewing hundreds of people for hundreds of roles, we have a pretty good understanding of what questions elicit the best […]

How To Create ‘Cut Through’ With Your Interview.

In my role as Managing Director of CIRCLE Recruitment & HR, I often give presentations, be they PowerPoint, pitching verbally to a room of people, or a meeting about a strategic alliance in a coffee shop. So I love to read articles about better pitching methods, and while I have been doing it for a […]

Understanding Work Rights

How great is it to live in a happy, multicultural society. Think of all the things we have gained through our exposure to migrants and their cultures. What about pizza, pasta, croissants, satay, brie, and that just names a few (and only in the food category)! However, If the department of immigration comes knocking on […]

Starting Again?

Stop for a minute, and imagine the most frightening thing you can think of. For some, this may be that creepy clown at a local fair, with the chalky white face and black eyes that stalk your every move. For others, it may be a hairy, giant tarantula or perhaps the fear of failing those […]

Some Workers, Bosses And People Are Just Downright Bad – Get Them Out Of Your Workplace!

We all come across individuals at times who leave us feeling upset, negative and low. Those people who are vexations of the spirit, who abuse you as soon as they look at you, who are unreasonable, malicious and manipulative can destroy a workplace. These people need to be counselled, and if improvement is not forthcoming, […]

Leading The Team

As a manager, one of the hardest aspects can be leading the team. Your team is made up of humans, who all have different worldviews, cultural backgrounds, ideas and perspectives, not to mention emotions!  Someone once described the delicate balance of personalities at work to me in this way ‘Your world is like a spinning top; you […]

Enhanced Recruitment Practises

Organisations have a range of technologies available to them, to assist with workforce recruitment. Many experts believe Recruitment is the most important of all Human Resource operations and is the corner stone for business survival. Technologies available to firms today, to assist them with attraction and recruitment, include using professional recruitment firms, pursuing passive candidates, increasing employment […]

I Am Offered The Job – How Can I Negotiate The Contract?

All employment should be governed by a contract of some sort. This could be a letter of engagement, full contract, or even email correspondence (not smart to do). For most employees, the thought of negotiating a contact of employment with a prospective employer is scary and can leave you feeling quite stressed. Of course, negotiations […]

What To Give Mum For Mother’s Day – Work Life Balance

Sometimes, as I am rushing to buy food for the family, looking at the weather and wondering about my washing on the line, while making business calls on my mobile and thinking about that work I need to fit in from home tonight, I wonder about the loss and gains in my life as a […]

Contracts; The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

There is no law that states that you need to have a Contract of Employment when you employ a worker. Indeed, there is such a concept as the psychological contract, which is the unwritten agreement between a worker and employer, where the expectation is ‘a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay’. That is […]

Recruit On Attitude Not On Skills

So you are looking for a new employee and are going to do it yourself. Because we are that sort of a company, we are going to give you some recruiter’s tips on recruitment. Tip number 1: Use a professional (well we had to say that) Tip number 2: Recruit on Attitude not on skills […]

How Do You Keep Your Best Performer In Your Business?

Did you know that 60% of those who don’t feel appreciated at work are looking for a job? Did you know that recruiters are always contacting passive candidates with new and perhaps better offers in the hope of finding someone who is motivated to move should the right job come along?. People have job search apps […]

What Is And What Is Not A Public Holiday?

Over Easter, organisations are often confused about public holidays and some get caught out, opening up, and then not paying penalty rates, because they are not aware that the day is a public holiday – this mostly happens on Easter Saturday. Australia has national public holidays, which are New Year’s Day, Australia Day, Good Friday, […]

The Plus And Minus Of Employing Older Workers

The Plus and Minus of Employing Older Workers Business today works in a highly volatile environment, constantly changing with hyper competitiveness, demographic, and economic issues. Remaining productive in this environment means reducing staffing costs and increasing productivity. Engaging your workers so they remain with your business long term and reducing the cost of new hires is […]

Trumped: A New American President And The Impact On Australian Business

In mid-January 2017, Donald John Trump became the 45th President of the United States of America. Even though you may think the election of an American President has only minimal impact on your life and business, you are wrong. The election of President Trump has major implications, which will unfold potentially over, at least, the next […]

From The HR Department – Many Award And Industrial Relations Changes … Just Give Me The Facts!

In the last few weeks, there have been many changes to the Industrial Relations landscape including the changes to the penalty rates for some weekend workers and the changes to the 457 visa conditions. There has also been a bevvy of information from all sources giving advice and background to these changes. As a busy business […]

Do You Need To Recruit A Manager?

CIRCLE Recruitment & HR has been in business such a long time now that we have been able to watch our client’s businesses grow and develop along with our own! In the beginning, often start ups come to us looking for initial staff such as admin, sales, accounts or operational workers, but as the business matures, […]

Video Interviews – How Do You Get The Best Results?

Between FaceTime, Skype, and the bevy of online video applications, video interviews are growing in popularity. If given a choice, as a candidate I would always opt for a face-to-face interview as a personal presence can create a much greater impression than a two dimensional screen. Don’t be in too much of a hurry to […]

International Women’s Day – Why You Should Go To Lunch

Wednesday March 8th is International Women’s Day, a day of international celebration, and awareness of the plight of women and work everywhere. The guiding paradigm for the day is to create a more inclusive, gender equal world. The next day in the Sutherland Shire is a wonderful International Women’s Day Lunch hosted by local Accounting firm Sullivan […]

This Valentine’s Day, Make Your Staff Love You!

Yes you could leave some Lindt chocolates on their desk as a fun reminder of how much they mean to you. You could send them all a Valentine’s Day Card or have single roses in their work space but why would you bother? Why is it so important that your staff love you? Because engagement = […]

What If You Get Caught Going Down The Fair Work Gurgler?

Most businesses view HR as nice to have. Something that they will get around to; when they have more money, time, space etc. That is until the moment you get the communication saying ‘there is a claim against you lodged with Fair Work’. Even scarier could be ‘the Union has put in a claim to […]

Why You Might Need Resume Help!

Colour, no colour, bolding, headings, too wordy, not enough information, which skills to highlight, key words, too short, too long, references, fonts, qualifications….. Getting your resume right can be stressful and overwhelming. Going to Google for the answers can be even more stressful when there isn’t any general consensus on the ‘right way’ to make […]

Looking To The Future? But What Is The Future Of Work?

At the start of the year, we are all looking to the future. Planning for our New Year; thinking about where we want to go; planning our futures. As far as your job is concerned, we live in a new age. Gone are the days, where you started your job as a teenager and spent […]

Social Media In The Workplace – Part 2

Generally a business can not control what their workers do once they leave the workplace and are within their private lives. However, employees need to understand that it is all based around the links to the business. If comments get back to the business, and the business is identifiable, there may be cause for action. Identifiable does not just […]

Social Media In The Workplace – Part 1

This is such a large topic for  HR and business development, that we are splitting our blog into two parts. There is no doubt, this is the social media age. The many social Media platforms have an unparalleled ability to promote, brand and expose your business. Nevertheless, it may not be controllable. What if the information out there is not exactly […]

Self Presentation And Interview Success

So you’ve hurdled the first obstacle in the recruitment process and have been offered an interview for your next role. This warrants a modest pat on the back but now to the harrowing question –What do I wear? Unlike deciding what to throw on to university for the day, or which outfit to wear to dinner […]

Taking Your Office Paperless

Paper has a huge impact on our environment, from the degradation of forests to the pollution, electricity consumption and wastage from pulp mills and the land fill issues from business and households. Did you know that every office uses 10,000 sheets of A4 paper on average and 50% of that will end up as garbage? I bet […]

Illness And Disability Management

I wish I had a dollar for every time a client has said ‘Joe, is off sick again – he is never at work – when he is, he does a bad job’ … ‘can we just terminate his employment?’ Sickness, Illness and Disability are not lawful reasons for termination of employment; indeed any good employer, who values their […]

Creating Avatars For Recruitment

Recruitment is hard. You may have in your mind what sort of person you are after, their skill set, their work ethic, even what their personality may be like but finding that exact match? That is another thing. Say you can describe to yourself the perfect worker you need. You know exactly what you want. […]

Do You Need A Digital Native?

In the fast paced and highly progressive digital time we currently live, the importance of having a Digital Native on your team can not be stressed enough. How often is it, that you find yourself, the elder seeking assistance of a younger counterpart when it comes to the complex and confusing world of technology. Whether […]


Did you know that Unfair Dismissal claims, account for more than one third of all disputes between Employers and Workers. The number of Unfair Dismissal claims lodge by Fair Work each year are well over 15,000 and these are only the ones that end up in Fair Work – Many more are settled at the workplace […]

Australia, Work And The 21st Century

In Australia, today, there are just under 12 million people employed out of a population of 24.2 million. That is a statistic which often amazes most people, because it means slightly less than half the nation is working ! What is more interesting but perhaps not as surprising, is the subtle change which has been […]

The Value Of SELF AWARENESS In Your Job Search Success.

Have you ever struggled with the classic interview question; What are some of your strengths / What are some of your weaknesses? An almost unavoidable query in any interview setting, it is important as an interviewee to have a confident grasp on your response to such a question to ensure success in your hunt for […]

Springtime – Time To Clean Out Your Policies And Processes

Yessss – it is spring! You can see the plants starting to send out green shoots, the lawn is beginning to grow faster, I am re-addressing my wardrobe and I feel like cleaning the kitchen cupboards (Ok that last one might be going a bit too far)! September always has a hint of better things to […]

How Can On-Hired Staff Help Your Business?

The process of sourcing on-hired staff involves allowing another company to undertake the role of sourcing  and employing specific workers for your business. On-hired staffing has recently become increasingly popular in Australia due to the value it creates for both the employee and the employer. Businesses choose to source on-hired staff for many reasons. One […]

Independent Contractors; You May Not Be Protected?

When using an independent contractor in your business, you have to make sure that the person really is an independent contractor.  An independent contractor by definition, is self-directed, defines how the project will proceed, brings their own tools, can derive profit or loss from their relationship with you, can sub-contract out further, does not work solely for […]

Independent Contractors; You May Not Be Protected?

When using an independent contractor in your business, you have to make sure that the person really is an independent contractor.  An independent contractor by definition, is self-directed, defines how the project will proceed, brings their own tools, can derive profit or loss from their relationship with you, can sub-contract out further, does not work solely for […]

How Skills Testing Can Help You

Approximately 50% of all companies use some sort of skills testing when hiring (Joyce, 2006). Skills tests give employers valuable information about their future employees and allow them to make educated predictions on how someone might perform in their new role. Nowadays, there are a variety of different tests that are used in recruitment with […]

How To Inspire Loyalty

You may attract the perfect worker to your business, but can you make them stay? Did you know that turnover costs can range from 93 to 200 per cent of a departing employee’s annual salary (Griffeth & Hom, 2001)! It is one of the most devastating and hidden costs of employment. So how can we […]

Why Your Business Needs Experts

Large organisations have a range of workers at varying levels. There is always someone above and below you. The positive of this is that there is always someone to whom you can turn or at least someone who will review your work and hopefully give you feedback. However, in a small business scenario, the chain of […]

What Is Involved In A Full Recruitment Process?

There are plenty of considerations and steps to complete when engaging in the recruitment of new employees, including the initial advertisement of a position, writing of job descriptions, competency matching, candidate interviews, testing, reference checking and much more! A full recruitment process can be quite daunting for businesses that do not engage in hiring new […]

Facebook Friends Or Career Liability?

In these days of global connectedness, millennials have never experienced a non-connected workplace or an office that closes at 5pm. The lines between work and personal life have been blurred considerably. How do we know how to define the line between our friends and our colleagues on social media? When does a colleague cross the […]

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR refers to Corporate Social Responsibility and has also been termed ‘Corporate Conscience’ ‘Corporate Citizenship’ and ‘Responsible Business’. Sustainability in business is all about meeting the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Historically, this has not been achieved by the majority of organisations and there […]

DISC Profiling

As experienced recruiters, the CIRCLE Recruitment & HR team has a variety of tools readily available to assist our clients with their recruitment and sourcing needs. One such tool is DISC Profiling. The DISC psychometric testing system has been validated over the years with research, is highly accurate and user friendly for businesses. As with […]

How To Make Sure Your Job Alert Application Does Not Pass Unnoticed.

Looking for a job is a competitive process. We are only a small recruitment company and even we have over 10,000 people on our database. A job alert sent out can elicit over 100 responses and it can make it very difficult for the candidate to be successful. If you have good MS Office skills […]

Why Your Business Needs A HR Partner?

Human Resources is one of those areas that small businesses think they can do without. It can be perceived as administration around employing people – making sure you have a Tax File Number Declaration filled out for example, filing your employees resume in a manila folder or keeping a record of their next of kin […]

Too Much Worry Not Enough Hurry

Two years ago a barrel of oil cost over US$ 100, now it trades around US$ 30, a fall of 70%. Back in the 1980s, economists believed low oil prices were a good thing for many economies including Australia because it had a stimulatory effect. Basically, many businesses are big users of oil (in one […]

Looking To The Future? But What Is The Future Of Work?

At the start of the year, we are all looking to the future. Planning for our New Year; thinking about where we want to go; planning our futures. As far as your job is concerned, we live in a new age. Gone are the days, where you started your job as a teenager and spent […]

Why Highest Ethical Standards Mean Good Business?

In 2015 the management team at CIRCLE Recruitment & HR decided that we needed a statement that said exactly who we were. We have been in business for over 20 years and we had quite a few new staff starting with us. We wanted not only to send a message to the business community and […]

Accounting Pipelines

Accounting practices are changing. The emergence of small business accounting software and the way that SME’s utilize technology to manage their finances, establishes a new environment of business and financial management. Small businesses today, can access current time financial data rather than the after-the-fact financial statements and reporting we worked with previously. For our accountants, […]

The Changing Face Of Work

What are the major trends for 2016 in regards to jobs, careers and the workplace? It is important for candidates looking to enhance their careers or those looking for entry-level positions or return to work to understand where jobs are going in the current climate. It was over two years ago, when we had the […]

Is Your Performance Management Non-Existent? What Are The Latest Trends?

Did you know that most people would rather go to the dentist than give a performance review and most people would rather be stuck in a lift than go to the dentist (apologies to all dentists) so where does that leave the priority of performance managing your workers? Pretty low. If you do not performance […]

Fresh Starts

There is nothing like a new year to make you feel refreshed and ready to renew your life! All of us make a variety of resolutions through out the year, things we are going to do better, or change about ourselves, but nothing is as well publicised as the New Year Resolutions! Whether you keep […]

Robust growth of part-time employment in Australia

oitRobust growth of part-time employment in Australia Many people believe that over the next decade businesses will need to look at alternative employee pools and offer flexibility to attract and retain new staff. However, significant change is already occurring. During the past twenty years there has been a slow but fundamental shift in the structure […]


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