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Meet Kathryn:
Your Aged Care Recruitment & HR Consultant

“Highly knowledgeable on The Aged Care Quality Standards, Employment Awards, Enterprise Agreements and the Aged Care Sector. As CEO and team leader of an Aged Care Recruitment Agency, Kathryn’s success and ability is well known in the industry.”


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About the Aged Care Sector

CIRCLE Recruitment & HR have been working within the Aged Care sector since 2009 and possess significant experience in the evolving care landscape. As a specialist Aged Care Recruitment Agency in Sydney, our clients are local and national, and engage with us to utilise both our Recruitment & HR expertise.

Having a total talent management capability, we are truly a specialised agency in Sydney, able to consult with you on not only Recruitment but management and development of your staff.

Our staffing speciality is all roles from Registered Nurses upwards, including all head office roles, Care & Clinical Managers as well as Facility Managers.  We understand the pain you have with red tape, funding issues, and sourcing adequate and cost effective staffing levels. With our extensive experience, and knowledge of the Aged Care Landscape,  you will be provided with unparalleled support and advice.

Our Agency has staffed major Aged Care providers throughout Sydney, both Residential and Home Care. We understand the calibre of skills required to perform each Aged Care-related role to ensure your facility is compliant and people-focused.

Thus, when you engage with CIRCLE Recruitment & HR to assist in your recruitment or HR needs, you are not engaging with one of the many mediocre agencies in the market; rather you are engaging sector experts with exceptional understanding of frameworks and care standards. CIRCLE Recruitment & HR – An agency for Aged Care!

Roles we Recruit for in Aged Care:

  • Aged Care Facility Manager
  • Aged Care Registered Nurse (RN)
  • Aged Care Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Aged Care Coordinator
  • Aged Care Case Manager
  • Aged Care Nurse Practioner
  • Aged Care Team Leader
  • RAO
  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Chief Operations Officer (COO)
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Compliance and Quality Assurance Manager
  • Admin
  • Customer Service
  • Activities Coordinators

Your Aged Care Consultant

Kathryn MacMillan is the founder and Managing Director of CIRCLE Recruitment & HR and an expert in the Aged Care Sector. Her knowledge is deep in both Aged Care Recruitment and Human Resource management of Aged Care staff.

CIRCLE Recruitment & HR has a long history of staffing and HR consulting to the Aged Care sector. Kathryn is well versed in accreditation and the unique landscape that is Aged Care in Australia and has managed the agency for over 20 years.

She has seen many changes and worked with her clients through, various funding regimes, the implementation of the Aged Care Quality Standards, the Royal Commission and the Covid Pandemic.

Her understanding of the staffing challenges faced by the Aged Care sector with regulation and best practices changes, coupled with skill and clinical requirements, makes her a great person to source your next role. As both a recruiter and HR Advisor, she is the best in the industry.

Kathryn understands the need for consumer centricity when recruiting those with the right aptitude to work in this challenging sector.

Winning the prestigious Kingsley Laffer Memorial Award for Industrial Relations at Sydney University in 2018, she has a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management & Industrial Relations from Sydney University, is an Accredited Recruitment Professional with the Recruitment Consulting Services Association (MRCSA), and a certified professional member of Australian Human Resource Institute (CAHRI).

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