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We have changed our name!

After 17 years of being the much loved 923|Recruitment & HR, we are changing our name to be more reflective of the complete CIRCLE of Recruitment, HR, IR, WHS, and Business Services that we offer.

Introducing CIRCLE|Recruitment & HR.

We are open and working for you. Our HR advisory is able to give you staffing strategies to help you navigate your team dynamics, and can assist you with what you ‘can and cannot’ direct staff to do, especially in these unprecedented times.

We can provide a remote outsourced HR facility to help you steer these troubled waters.

Our Recruitment services are here to help with Temps, Permanent Placement, Executive and flexible staffing. Our “Contactless Recruitment” strategy can assist with recruitment for all organisations, across Sydney. Utilising our superior Research Based Recruitment Process; research-based recruitment strategies to find the right person for your business, simply “Contactless” and under a new name!

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As one of Australia’s leading boutique Recruitment and Human Resource Consultancies, CIRCLE|Recruitment & HR delivers a broad offering to cover every aspect of staffing. We have the database strength, experience and industry longevity to be a reliable partner now and into the future.


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ABC Broadcast – Age Discrimination

Employment experts say they're alarmed by the increase in male, blue-collar workers being forced into part-time work. New research shows four out of five new jobs created 'for' men in the past two years have been part time. Recruiters have also told AM it's taking a heavy emotional toll on the families of blue collar workers.

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Phone Interviews

A lot of focus is placed on the face-to-face interview (or online video at the moment) but really there often is a step just before that a job seeker has to get through that can stop your application going ahead. Phone interviews are screening interviews to identify the basics like telephone manner, interest in the […]

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Kathryn MacMillan MHRM&IR, MRCSA CAHRI heads a strong and diverse Recruitment & HR team combining both experience and qualifications. Kathryn holds a Masters of Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations from Sydney University, ranked first in the University in 2017 in Management Consulting and winner of the prestigious Kingsley Laffer Memorial Award, for Industrial Relations, from the University in 2018.

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