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Workplace Investigations

Workplace Investigations – Thorough Examinations with Expert Solutions

CIRCLE Recruitment & HR will provide you with investigation services conducted to the highest standards of quality, compliance, and fairness. With our team’s experience and our fortified resources, you can be assured that your workplace issue will be resolved in the best way possible.

What can be Investigated?

  • Misconduct / Serious misconduct
  • Breach of Policies or Procedures
  • Safety Incidents / Near Misses
  • Complaints of bullying, discrimination, harassment, victimisation etc.
  • As well as other reasonable issues to investigate

Do you have any of the above?

Why Conduct Investigations?

  • Disciplinary action maybe challenged
  • Costly litigation after the event:

    1. unfair dismissal
    2. adverse action
    3. bullying claim
    4. workers’compensation claim
    5. discrimination claim


Our experience in the Recruitment and HR industry provides valuable and unique skill sets that will apply to your workplace investigation. Here is why you can count on CIRCLE Recruitment & HR:

  • Professional Process

    We are committed to discovering the neutral facts of any workplace issue. This involves collecting evidence from all layers relating to the issue. All processes are documented to keep you protected – this includes copies of statements, records, relevant procedures/policies, footage, relevant modes of contact, rosters etc.


  • Our Investigators

    Our investigators have extensive HR and training experience to support and ensure an impartial, structured, and compliant investigation. This comes with superior communication skills, reliable examinations of involved people, the ability to deal with difficult behaviours/emotions, and the capacity to manage sensitive matters.


  • Our Resources

    We are Human Resources experts, providing you with additional perks during your workplace investigation. Throughout your investigation and after, we will offer you dependable customised procedures, policies and letters to assist your investigation and reduce future risk.

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