• A Young Flexible Workforce on Demand
  • Cost Effective – Junior Pay Rates
  • No Minimum or Maximum Hours
  • Choice of Candidates
  • Pay Only For Hours Worked
  • Fully managed-Insurances, Super, Worker’s Comp-We do all the hardwork for you!
  • Cease Contract with One Hours Notice
  • Total Flexibility: Increase or Decrease Hours

The CIRCLE U-Grad Plan will allow your business access to a fully managed university student as a part-time worker. Someone who is young, smart, highly skilled with technology, and has the ability to bring the latest concepts from their university faculty, direct to your business.

Choose from Commerce students majoring in Business, Accounting, Marketing, or Human Resources. Additionally, students from a wide variety of disciplines including Law, Event Management, Engineering, Fashion, and Design. Once the student graduates, you have the option to take them on in a permanent position if you desire or start another junior.

Imagine having a part-time worker in your business, who is also studying your industry at a university level.

Introducing… the CIRCLE UGrad Plan!

The best bits!

  • No minimum hours
  • Pay only for hours worked
  • No upfront recruitment fees
  • Your choice of candidate
  • Quick and easy
  • Fully managed – Insurances, Super, Worker’s Comp – we do all the hard work for you!

A part-time worker, working with you for years, then the chance to take them on as a graduate if you wish!

Contact us for direct information on placing your next graduate.

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