A flexible workforce when you want it


  • A Flexible Workforce on Demand
  • Short Term or Long Term Roles
  • No Minimum or Maximum Hours
  • Choice of Candidates
  • Pay Only For Hours Worked
  • All Payroll Responsibility is Ours
  • Cease Contract with One Hours Notice
  • Reduce Employment Liability with On-Hired Workers
  • Total Flexibility: Increase or Decrease Hours

Many organisations are looking for part-time and flexible employees and many workers are looking for ongoing flexible roles. Since the company’s inception in 2003, CIRCLE Recruitment & HR (previously Nine2three and 923|Recruitment & HR) is the conduit which brings these two groups together.

We have been nationally recognised for our ground breaking work in the areas of work/life balance and flexible work roles. Our Flexi division is a unique part time and temporary job recruitment agency in Sydney.

When employees are offered this level of independence and flexibility, regular patterns emerge and enable the employer to effectively manage the work force. With an Employee Collective Agreement, we can offer a legal level of flexibility unable to be replicated when utilising awards.

We are proud of how far we have come over the last two decades and have a vast amount of achievements in which we have been recognised for our dedication to and passion for flexible workforces, some of which include:

  • Nine2Three was recognised by the Federal Government for the Company’s efforts in introducing flexibility into the workplace, being awarded a Special Commendation in the National Work and Family Awards by the Minister for Employment and the Workplace.
    • The company featured on the NSW Government’s Office of Industrial Relations DVD, Caring Works, which highlighted some of their workplace initiatives and Managing Director Kathryn MacMillan was invited on the Federal Government’s Consultative Panel for the Fresh Ideas for Work and Family Grants program 2009.
    • The business was chosen by Fairfax Media to feature in Winning Through a video series on small businesses. The same year the business was again finalists in the National Work and Family Awards.

Nine2Three, 923|Recruitment & HR and now, CIRCLE Recruitment & HR together with the support of a wide and varied client base, forward thinking senior management and progressive clients has rapidly grown into a leading recruitment company. Our flexi division specialises in part-time, contract and temporary staff in all areas of flexible white collar work.

Our Flexi divison, directly accesses an untapped work force: workers with a multitude of business skills, management ability and maturity that are looking for part time work and are wanting to balance work commitments with other aspects of their life.

CIRCLE Recruitment & HR’s cost-effective strategy, can give your business a short or long term flexible workforce that can increase and decrease with demand.

With CIRCLE Recruitment & HR, your part time recruitment and temporary staffing needs will be met quickly and cost efficiently.

Read our article on the Robust growth of part-time employment in Australia – From as early as 2009 we were predicting the part-time growth phenomenon!

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Over the next decade businesses will need to look at alternative employee pools and offer flexibility to attract and retain new staff.

Part-time and temporary employment has become an important and growing component of the labour market and requires specialists to ensure that the right mix of staff is recruited for each business.

Recruiting part-time staff needs specialist expertise:

CIRCLE Recruitment & HR has a team of highly experienced recruitment consultants that will work alongside you to understand the needs of your business and find you the perfect fit.

  • Part-time employees have the same qualifications and references as their full-time counterparts that need to be researched and tested.
  • Part-time employees need to be assessed for their future needs—will they stay with your business long term?
  • Part-time employees need to have superior time management skills.
  • Does your role suit a part-time employee? How many days / hours are needed to make the job work?

Use the company that has the experience in part time and flexible recruitment!

CIRCLE Recruitment & HR has the experience and expertise in this area. Since the company’s inception in 2003, CIRCLE Recruitment & HR has been nationally recognised for its ground breaking work in the areas of work/life balance and flexible work roles.

Let us assist you with the specialist needs of recruiting a part-time workforce

  • Matching personalities to work together in job sharing
  • Mentoring your flexible staff to ensure sustainability
  • Assisting with staged recruitment
  • Introducing extra part-time staff to compliment your existing staff
  • Human Resource management of workforce

CIRCLE Recruitment & HR has recruited more than 1,000 part-time employees for placement into many companies throughout NSW.

Let the experts assist your business to grow and move into the future with strength.

Let the experts assist your business to grow and move into the future with strength.

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