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WHS Partner

WHS Solutions – For a Safer and Happier Workplace

Whilst CIRCLE Recruitment & HR handles all your staffing and Human Resource solutions, in conjunction with our WHS Partners, you can also count on us to assist you with your Workplace Health and Safety needs.


We’re passionate about safety and excited to support your business with our strong combo of services!


With our large variety of services, we want to encourage safety in the workplace with passion and a variety of WHS solutions and strategies.

Our services include:

  • WHS Audits

    The dangerous gaps in your workplace aren’t known until it’s too late. A WHS Audit will identify what’s missing in your business and our partner will also provide solutions to improve your safety situation.

  • WHS Policies and Procedures

    Our partner’s policies and procedures will support your business’s document compliance – their policies have held up in court, so you know that they can be relied upon in extreme situations. Make sure you’re covered.

  • WHS Software

    Looking to go paperless or want your WHS system to be more efficient? Our partner provides WHS software that aims to reduce paperwork and maximise efficiency. It’s user friendly for the front-end user and our partner can provide you a free demo if you’re interested.

  • Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) Development

    Our partner will consult and work alongside you to develop the SWMS and ensure all job steps, hazards, risks and controls of the job task are noted. It is a legal requirement that SWMS are developed for any high-risk construction work activity and for any energised electrical work.

  • COVID-19 Site Specific Risk Assessments 

    Our partner can assist with managing a variety of issues relating to the current pandemic. This assistance can include COVID-19-specific site risk assessment, company or project specific COVID-19 Pandemic Response Plans and training material and presentations to further educate employees.

  • Training

    From CPR, first aid, evacuation drills and fire training; you can access a large variety of training courses. Check out our Corporate Training page for more course information.

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