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HR Legislation

CIRCLE Recruitment & HR – HR Legislation Training;

Understanding HR legislation is crucial for businesses to navigate the complexities of workforce management. Ensuring your team is well-versed in relevant HR laws is a proactive approach to mitigating risks and fostering a compliant workplace.


CIRCLE Recruitment & HR offers specialised training designed to empower your team with in-depth knowledge of HR legislation. Our training is not just about compliance; it’s about equipping your workforce with the skills needed to navigate employment laws effectively.

  • CR020 – HR Legislation Course covers:
  1. Overview of HR Legislation & Changes
  2. Employment Contracts and Agreements
  3. Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)
  4. Sexual Harassment and your Positive Duty
  5. Managing Workplace Diversity
  6. Termination and Redundancy Protocols
  7. Employee Rights and Responsibilities
  8. Privacy and Confidentiality Guidelines
  9. Effective Workplace Communication

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