CIRCLE Recruitment & HR - Mental Health & Psychological Training

Mental Health & Psychological Training

CIRCLE Recruitment & HR – Mental Health & Psychological Training

CIRCLE Recruitment & HR offer a number of corporate education and development workshops surrounding Mental Health and Psychological awareness.


In conjunction with our partners, we have the expertise, knowledge, and skills to assist you with a range of employee developmental training needs, from mental health to motivation.

The following training sessions are available:

  • AP014 – Grief Awareness
    This unit is designed for workplaces who find themselves in contact with people who may be grieving and require special knowledge and skills on how to best manage them. Some of these workplaces may include Aged Care Facilities, Nursing Homes, Palliative Care or Funeral Services. This workshop covers a number of skills that we believe are vital in working with anyone who may be grieving, including grief models, management strategies, communication skills, understanding compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma as well as self-care strategies and how to prepare for such situations. Participants will leave with a greater empathy and understanding of the grieving process, an improving capacity to care and practical skills for engaging with grieving persons.
  • AP015 – Mindfulness and Well-being
    This workshop has been developed to provide employees with the skills and knowledge to improve their personal well-being and job capacity. Participants will explore the importance of emotional health, techniques to improve and maintain their psychological and social wellbeing, as well as practical skills for maintaining healthy behaviours. Through an examination of ‘locus of control’ methodology, theories of mindfulness and meditation exercises, this unit promotes healthy behaviour both in the workplace and at home, encouraging a more effective workforce and reducing burnout and turnover. We also offer a more in-depth analysis of employee mindfulness in an 8-week Mindfulness at Work program.
  • CR004 – Managing Claims and Mental Health at Work
    This presentation focuses on helping the Manager deal with the tricky and growing area of Mental Health at work. We commence by looking at creating a both mentally and physically healthy workplace for our employees. We look at how to build a healthy environment in the workplace and how to develop healthy workplace strategies. Developing a Mental Health Strategy can be difficult as well as understanding your legal rights and responsibilities. This presentation looks not only at caring for your team’s mental health, but also your own. We discuss stress and anxiety and taking care of yourself while you have the added responsibility of being a Manager. Many managers find it difficult to start conversations around mental health conditions, and are unsure of the best way to manage individuals who are exhibiting signs of stress or anxiety. With management tips to assist and structures to support mental well-being in your workplace, as well as reducing the risk of mental health, we also look at minimising stigmas. We will explore areas of discrimination and assist participants to understand the legal ramifications from discrimination. Unfortunately mental health claims, can also be abused by individuals, who may use mental health as a tactic to achieve a specific outcome. How can managers and businesses protect themselves from claims? What sort of claims can be levelled against management and how do we protect ourselves from these situations? This session can be used for Managers only, or full teams and employees of all levels.
  • CR010 – Make your Own Doors
    This training session is a motivational piece that has been highly acclaimed by those who have listened to CIRCLE Recruitment & HR’s Managing Director, Kathryn MacMillan performs this presentation. People are very fond of telling you that you ‘can’t do that’ – ‘no one does that’ – even loved ones in their efforts to protect you will give you ceilings for safety. Others say that you should take all opportunities – always move forward when opportunities present themselves. However, what if opportunities don’t present themselves? What if you listen to others who say, you can’t do that? How do you move ahead? This presentation uses doors as an analogy for opportunities and asks what if the doors of opportunity never seem to be open to you? Beginning her first business at the early age of eighteen in a career vastly different to that which she now undertakes, a number of challenging situations saw Kathryn need to make great changes to her business and personal life and in the process create a groundbreaking new business! With many years of experience in running a variety of organisations and overcoming some difficult odds, she says: there are no ceilings in life, – go ahead and make your own doors, then open them for yourself and walk on through. Participants will love Kathryn’s story and will walk away understanding how they must, verbalise their dreams; take action, and attempt the seemingly impossible.

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