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Performance Management & Teams Training

CIRCLE Recruitment & HR – Performance Management & Teams

CIRCLE Recruitment & HR understands the importance of developing employees in order to ensure their success and maximise offerings to your business. We believe in highlighting clear expectations surrounding performance through ongoing, two-way communication with employees.


This is not an easy skill to learn, and for this reason we have specially developed these courses to guide you in how to best manage employee performance.

The following training sessions are available:

  • CR006 – Performance Management
    One of our most popular units, this is the ultimate tool to have in the Manager’s or Supervisor’s tool kit. Performance Management looks at how you actually deal with situations of underperformance and what you can do about it. We explore the cycle of performance management and the latest tools to assist you to performance manage successfully. Participants receive an understanding of the background of performance management and its long history, as well as tips and tricks on how to give negative feedback and engaging in solid regular practises that will make your performance management meetings a breeze. This unit looks at the bigger picture of managing performance and includes a discussion about management of behaviours, skills and results. We include a number of strategies and processes that ensure employee activities are congruent with firm goals and there is clear integration between performance management and performance appraisals. We discuss the ability to assess on both objective and subjective measures and give simple formulas to understand underperformance. When things are not progressing as you would like, we assist with steps for performance counselling and the never ending importance of keeping records and documentation. Working through the foundation of all performance management; the Position Description, we are able to give insight into the latest thinking around best practice Position Descriptions, for easier performance management. We look at situations where casual conversations work the best, and tighter areas for management control. Finally you want to design a performance management system that works for your organisation and use the information received to drive business outcomes through stronger engagement of your team.
  • CR007 – Performance Appraisal Meetings
    Did you know, that most managers would rather go to the Dentist, than run a performance appraisal meeting! True! The fact is that the performance appraisal or review meeting, is only one tool, in the Mangers tool kit, so it is advisable to have your team attend the Performance Management Training session first. In this unit, we cover the actual formal review meeting and how you can make yours more successful. We explore the criticisms levelled against review meetings and give tips and tricks for negative feedback. We link this session to the Performance Management session and by doing this, your employees should not be hearing anything new at their formal meeting. We cover the wide variety of performance appraisal types, including 360 Degree; Upward Appraisal; Self-Assessments; Balanced Scorecard and Behavioural Checklists just to name a few. Participants will learn tactics for the actual meeting, how to prepare and conduct the meeting as well as the documentation required. You will self-examine your own behaviour to see if you fall into any distorting effects in the way that your rate workers and understand if you hold any particular biases that will affect your ability to run a good Performance Review Meeting.
  • CR008 – Hiring and Firing
    The truth is that People build businesses, but they also add risk. This is a great unit to upskill your Managers with understanding the nuances of hiring and firing. Managers often get this wrong and mistakes in this area can cost the business much more than the original hire! Understanding risk is a key concept with this training session. We look closely at the right way to hire, how to build Position Descriptions and create Avatars of the individual you are recruiting for. Attracting applicants to your role is a key function of any recruitment campaign, and participants will leave with more ideas on how to attract the right applicants for your organisation, touching not only on job-fit, but organisational and culture-fit. Not only looking at new hires due to growth, but strategically looking at your business unit or organisation, in regards to areas of weakness, including contingency plans and key people departure. We discuss ways to make your recruitment process more robust and what you can and can’t do in an interview process. Once hired, we evaluate probation periods and how to make yours work for you, and then steps to take if it all goes wrong! Making sure you have an Employment Contract that will protect you and understanding how your Contract can work for you, or against you. Exploring reasons for termination and unfair dismissal, participants will leave with stronger understanding of the terms, harsh, unjust and unreasonable, that are called into play in unfair dismissal cases. We will explore other claims that can be brought against the business and participants will leave with a tool kit of merit based decisions, strong documentation and distributive justice tools. A must for managers who have hiring and firing capacity.
  • CR009 – Human Capital Management; your only competitive advantage in today’s market
    This training session introduces the Manager to the concept of HCM (Human Capital Management). Together we explore, what is Human Capital Management, and how this approach to the management of staff in an organisation, can give complete competitive advantage. To understand HCM, we need to explore the concept of Human Capital and refer to the primary, secondary and now tertiary sectors of the economy. Through this we can see the growth of Human Capital and understand its value. The question of how do organisations hold onto their Human Capital leads us to explore corporate culture, and corporate strategy. From this, we can then understand how Strategic Management and Human Resource Management work together to create Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM). Participants gain an understanding of the resource based view of the organisation and why unique HR practices are so powerful in creating competitive advantage. We discuss the three critical aspects of Strategic HR Management and participants walk away with a stronger understanding of what creates competitive advantage, how Human Capital Management works and the benefits of Strategic Human Resource Management. A great session for talent development with managers who are looking beyond management basics or HR professionals.

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