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Meet Kathryn

  • Kathryn MacMillan CEO,  MHRM&IR, MRCSA CAHRI
  • Accredited Professional Project Management & Engineering Recruitment Consultant
  • Specialist HR Consultant
  • Not-for-Profit & Disability Specialist Recruiter

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Engineering & Project Management

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About Kathryn

Kathryn MacMillan is the founder and Managing Director of CIRCLE Recruitment & HR. She holds a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management & Industrial Relations from Sydney University, is an Accredited Recruitment Professional with the Recruitment Consulting Services Association (MRCSA), and a certified professional member of Australian Human Resource Institute (CAHRI).

Ranked first at Sydney University 2017, in Management Consulting, Kathryn is able to bring not only her vast experience in the Engineering Sector but her knowledge of management consulting, so valuable in Engineering recruitment to work within consulting firms.

Experienced in sourcing, recruiting and managing engineering staff including civil, mechanical, structural etc. with specialisations in infrastructure, construction and automation, drilling down to specifics such as bridge speciality, external or internal lighting and mechatronics, to mention a few. Kathryn and her team, understand what is required in this sector.

Knowledge of the attributes that make a good engineer, has seen the CIRCLE team develop assessments specifically on some of the broad skills required such as mathematical ability; problem solving; creative thought processes and mechanical aptitude, of course combined with a huge array of software specific assessment as well.

Overseen by Kathryn with her strong attention to detail, you can be assured that we will find the best engineering staff available for your organisation.

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About the Sector

Here at CIRCLE Recruitment & HR, we have worked for many years in many areas of engineering recruitment including civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and building services. Therefore, you know you are dealing with experts in your field and can rely on us to understand your industry and provide solutions to your problems. We recognise the many challenges your sector is facing, including staff and skill shortages, the introduction of new technologies, energy efficiency and outsourcing, and want to help you cope with these pressures.

As a specialist Engineering Recruitment Agency, CIRCLE Recruitment & HR have recently sourced a Project Team Leader for a materials handling company in Melbourne, and a Project Engineer for a valve manufacturing company in Sydney, among others. Therefore, regardless of your location and industry, you can trust that we can source the right candidate to manage the projects for your business. We also design specific engineering assessments that can focus on areas such as problem solving, Mechanical Aptitude, Basic Electronics, Blueprint Reading and AutoCAD. This means that you can design a test with us, which will test your applicants in the areas that are most important to your specific role, further ensuring we provide you with the right talent for your business.

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